Rhydin City

city streetRhyDin City is located on the RhyDin River that flows to the nearby sea. This facilitates trade by ship with other parts of the world.

RhyDin City occupies both banks of the river, with cobblestone streets and strong stone buildings. These buildings range from manor houses, libraries and the RhyDin Archives to run-down shanties located on the south side of the river in the warehouse area. The city is home to the famous Red Dragon Inn with the attached Lounge and Keep, the Red Dragon Courtyard, and The Red Dragon Great Hall.

The RhyDin Town Watch once attempted to maintain order as best they could, but were recently disbanded by the shadowy "rulers" of RhyDin whom no one can claim to have ever seen. The Watch members have taken it on themselves to try and maintain order in the various public buildings around the city.