Statue of the Lost Sailor

On a great rock is the statue of The Lost Sailor. It is cast in bronze and stands atop the boulder facing the open waters that lay beyond the docks. The statue is a human male posed facing into a strong wind, his wool coat and trousers frozen in motion. His expression is one of great concentration with his brow deeply creased with concern. He grips a telescope in his raised right hand. At the sailor's feet sits a mermaid. Her beauty is profound—ethereal features and long, wavy hair stopped in mid-flow about her shoulders. Her upturned eyes implore the sailor's attention, but he does not seem to see her. Some believe she was trying to warn him. Others say that she was drawing him to his death.

On the front of the rock, at the base of the statue is a plaque with writing in several major languages. The plaque reads: Aric Pyke, captain and master of The Drake.

For as long as anyone can remember—and likely longer—people have come to the statue to leave offerings: mostly flowers at the feet of the Sailor, sometimes wreathes or seashell necklaces placed around the neck of the mermaid. It is a place to offer well-wishing for those travelling or for those that never made it back. Some are known to touch or briefly kiss the statue in hope of taking a bit of good luck with them—for their own journey on waters that have never promised smooth sailing or safe passage.

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Statue of the Lost Sailor