Stars End Bar and Grill

As you enter the pneumatic sliding door of the Star's End Bar & Grill—an otherwise unprepossessing one-story building at the heart of the spaceport—the lights are set considerably lower than many other similar establishments. This suits the unlawful, the unfaithful, the unlucky, and the unspeakable who frequent the port's legendary dive. Walls of metal and permacrete, and a ceiling of sturdy sliding panels and light-panels form your first perceptions. Neon signs along the walls cast a harsh, garish glow on the battered metal surfaces, scarred and chipped from a thousand gun- and knife-fights. What light you see struggles to reach through a seemingly endless haze of cigarette smoke that the ceiling vents can never quite clear, and the grime that has never been cleaned off the windows. They say the last one who tried was shot dead before the first swipe of cleanser could be applied. There is even a spot in the upper left of the window, looking out, that is lighter than rest as testament to the old tale.

Running nearly the full length of the east (right) wall is a counter and bar. Just after the end of the bar is a hallway marked "Staff Only." Back here lies the employee back office, the storage rooms, the back exit to the loading dock, and the kitchen where a gaggle of low wage, half-height aliens churn out whatever sort of food is requested. (It is a Bar and Grill, after all.) For times when the chittering cooks are not working, a salvaged and reconditioned auto-vend takes up a section of one wall: able to pop out sandwiches, soup, or other "delicacies" from many different worlds. It is not fancy but it is edible. (Mostly.) There is also a replicator—at least when it is functioning. A pass-through behind the bar lets the bartender retrieve food from the droids or staff as needed.

Directly ahead of you as you look across the bar is another door marked "Games." Beyond this door is a large space filled with pool tables, dejarik, sabacc, and other gambling tables. This room has an unmarked but well-known "special" exit behind one of the gambling machines—for quick escapes into the spaceport concourse beyond.

Just to the right of the Game Room door are the bathrooms. While not exactly fancy, they are kept clean enough. Tellingly, though, the doors do not lock.

To the left of the Game Room door in an angled alcove are the twin laser-dart boards. These can also handle regular darts as well as a myriad of other "innovative" implements. Right behind them, protected by a sound-dampening glasteel shield, sits a combined communications terminal and HoloNet computer. Further back are a series of transporter/teleport pads that can reach orbiting ships and the orbital facility in geosynchronous orbit over the spaceport. For a small fee, patrons of the bar can have access to this equipment for transport, transactions, and conversations spanning the galaxy. In particular, these transporter pads allow an unobtrusive entrance or exit for the quiet "businessman" or -woman.

Continuing to look left past the comm-terminal, there are a series of privacy booths in the back corner. Again for a small fee, these booths can be sealed to protect the inhabitants from being overheard, overseen, or electronically monitored. This more recent addition to the bar is quite popular for those who prefer their business dealings to be secure not to mention quiet.

A little further down the west wall lies a small stage. Beat up and shabby, it has seen its share of would-be entertainers over the years: locals and off-worlders alike trying to earn a few credits or just enjoying their craft. It is rumored that the stage was first put in to cover a gaping hole in the bar's wall from an incident where "no one saw nuthin'." An old, weathered upright piano sits at the back of the stage for those who care to give it a try.

Next to the stage is the huge Tri-D holodisplay which at any given moment could be showing galactic news coverage, the latest Armorball game, or raucous musical shows. Though for music, most people prefer the venerable old jukebox. Obtained thanks to a trader's losing hand in BlackPoker long ago, it still plays as loud as ever.

The front or south wall of the bar is taken up by a series of booths before coming back full circle to the entrance again.

Behind the bar itself are uncounted bottles of liquors and spirits from a thousand different worlds. You can also get "imports" from notable on-planet breweries like the Red Orc Brewery. There are also more unspeakable concoctions. Thanks to a long-standing agreement with the Red Dragon Inn far to the east, the complex till system is capable of accepting and making change for countless currencies both off-world and local. When a bartender is not around to take your order, you can always take your chances with the replicator—or with the droid 'tenders that are always lurking around. Fair warning: they have taken their share of abuse and blaster rounds over the years. There is also a large waste disposal chute back there. Rumor has it it was made just large enough to fit a body but those scratch marks on the sides are probably just from broken glassware.

This is not a forgiving place. This is not a bar for the faint of heart or those careless in their actions. This is the rough metal heart of the Spaceport.

This is the Star's End Bar & Grill.

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Stars End Spaceport

Stars End Bar and Grill

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