RhyDin Bestiary

Not only can you hear this shoppe from a good distance away, when the wind is just right you can smell it, too. There is something about the mixture of cleansers and wet fur that lingers in the air. The Bestiary is a building that looks considerably smaller from the outside.

The building itself is of average size and is constructed largely of brick and cut rock. A glass window in front displays the cute little baby of the week — usually kittens or puppies, perhaps the occasional ferret litter. The more unusual have also found their way into the showcase.

Stepping inside, the Bestiary seems to grow, and the visitor may wonder if there is not some sort of nexus effect that holds the Bestiary in its magical grip. The ceilings are immensely tall, large enough for a full-grown dragon to stretch out and not rub her nose on the ceiling tiles. There are rafters galore, and from them hang any number of strange creatures: from basic owls to things looking demonic in appearance.

Along the walls to the right are cages with smaller animals, supplies, and other creature comforts can be found in aisles in the middle of the store. Along the walls to the left are aquariums with a multitude of aquatic fish and more animals than the imagination can fathom. Doors on the back wall lead to the 'big game' room where larger animals, from llama-size up through griffin and unicorn and — yes, even dragon — can be found.

Tending to this delightful menagerie is a tall half-giant of a woman. The massive brunette stands a good ten and a half feet tall, and usually has several wee little sugar gliders nestled in a sling between her ample leather-covered bosoms. Her name is Mara Longfoot, and she can wrestle the most irate hell-hound as easily as caring for a little sick kitten. If you have need of animal advice, she is more than willing to share what she knows. If you have a pet you can no longer take care of, she stands ready to adopt.

The quickest way to get her irate is to mention hunting for sport. If you do, you may find yourself the prey in a rather uncomfortable hunt of her own devisings.

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