RhyDin General Store

This building has seen much change over the years. If the hard oak walls could talk, the stories it could share. The owner is a woman who has outlived her family and who surrounds herself with the children and young adults that most cast aside. Granny Winonna tends the RhyDin General Store, as she has for most of her life and like her family before her.

The store is a large building that covers two lots. It is a two-story building with the store on the first floor and living area above. Granny Winonna can no longer make it up the stairs so she lives in a small room in the rear left corner of the main floor.

The store itself holds almost everything imaginable: from regular foods and stock supplies to stranger things like powdered unicorn milk and stardust extract for those special situations. The shelves are arranged in orderly rows and are meticulously stocked by the old janitor, Jeeves, and the young people who call the store home.

The scent of flour, spices, sugar, leather, and fabric all mingle to accost the senses when a customer first enters. The light filters in from the main windows. Enchantments keep the interior bright and cheerful, and keep an eye on those who might like to pilfer instead of pay for what they need. Granny Winonna is often ready to extend credit if she senses a need and is always willing to offer advice if asked.

Watch out for Gabby, the little iron gray chihuahua that wanders the rows — and randomly decides that strange ankles need to be barked at.

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