People From The Marketplace

The Town Crier

"Hear ye! Hear ye!"

His name is Jon and those four words mark the call of the Town Crier. News is on the way! Who needs to know how to read when Jon is around to share the latest news for a coin or two? He is of medium height with dark brown hair and sky blue eyes. His face is not ruggedly handsome, but neither is he a pock-marked brute. He wears comfortable trousers with a natural-colored shirt under his dark overcoat. Although he never seems to speak except when paid to share the news he is given, he is more than willing to spread an important announcement. His rates are negotiable.

Old Man

The owner of the Arcane Lore Shoppe is an older man. No one is certain exactly how old he is. Even his name has been lost to his own absent-minded nature. Most just call him Old Man, and he's happy enough to answer if you have the gold to pay for what you want.

His white hair stands out about his head and hasn't seen a brush, comb, or 'smooth hair' enchantment in years. His clothing consists of a mishmash of different robes all worn over one another. One never can tell what he has hidden in said robes.

The Nut Boy

Throughout the Marketplace, the voice of a young man can be heard hawking cinnamon-coated baked almonds.

"Get your nuts! Get your roasted nuts! Imported from Westridge!"

If you happen upon the lad, he seems to be in his late teens. He has sandy colored hair, happy brown eyes, and dimples that drive the girls crazy. He smells like cinnamon, and is never seen without a platter of still-warm roasted almonds. If approached, he is likely to ask, "Would you like a sample of the King's nuts?"

The Street Sweep

Keeping the streets clean is no easy task — what with all the deaths, dismemberments, and general rubbish that tends to get left behind. Juniper Hollisworth, an older woman with a more-than-able broom, is the one in charge of keeping the Marketplace tidy. She pushes her refuse cart faithfully each day, rain or shine. Her long white hair is often trying to escape the braid she wears. She is often seen scowling as she sweeps the streets, except when someone actually takes a moment to say a sincere "hello." The door opened, her face becomes animated and she is more than willing to share a tale or two about her life, her children, and her dearly-departed husband — "may his gentle soul rest in peace," she says.

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