Sweet Crusades


OOC Conversation
The Songs of Crusades
Show Me
Roll Call!
Family Tree
Places of Interest
Sleepless Night
The End is Just a New Beginning
Melia of Porta
What Goes Unspoken
The Accountable
Couples' Night
The loner.
The shifter.
Messages from the void.
When Powers Collide
Sun Down
Nothing Personal
The Calm; The Storm
Requiem for the peace of mind-- *Graphic*
The Quests
A Diary
The Shadow Queen (Part 2)
The Shadow Queen. (Part one.)
The Clutch of Faith
Sins of the past--Letting it all go.
What Resolution Prevails
The broken nest.
Black memories.
Babysitting gone wrong.
Out for blood.
Beyond the Rim
Torn between siblings.
Visits to a Grave
Church of Secrets
Picking up the pieces.
Defending Hope
Hunting a Demon
Listen here, Cowboy!
Fathoming the faker.
Memories Reclaimed
Soul searching.
In the meantime...
A truth's cage...
A step in the right direction...
The long-awaited. (Martyr and Val's wedding!)
Who We Are
The Many Worlds I've Come...
A forgotten prime
Orchids in the field
A night to forget.
A busted chainsaw.
The Daydreamer's Nightmares
Immortal like me. (Martyr's Journal)
From the Same Stone.
Character skeletons and sheets.
Martyr meets Minoko! Oh, and Katan courts a Bear!
Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
Discarded Destiny... (Forgetting Fate)
Valcroix gets confusing news.
Saving a martyr...
Refusing to die...
Phantom faces at the window, phantom shadows on the floor.
Make a little birdhouse in your soul!
Meetings Over Coffee
A Horse for the Astral
Keep Your Enemies Closer
Whatever Has To Be Done
Attempting Contact
What's To Be Done
Letters for Home
Adding to the Mix
Seeing Ghosts
A Discussion Between Twins
Saving an Angel
A Spark in the Dark
A Piece of Heaven
Carving a New Army
A Gunslinger's Help
The Forging of a Vile Alliance
Saviors Come In All Colors
Birthday Girl
The Heartache You'll Bear For Family