Wicked Like Us


But you don't really care for music, do you?
Stay In Touch. (Voicemails, Texts, Emails.)
A Thousand Words
The infamous Out of Character chat!
Table of Contents
How To Make a Monster
For The Bedroom or Car Rides (Hex/Saila playlist)
Make A Move
Partners in Crime (18+)
On the Fritz
From Jailbird to Freebird
Full Moon Automotive
The mind behind the junkie.
House of Payne
Maybe I Shouldn't Have Given Him My Phone Number...
Ghosts (18+; NSFW)
Downtown Girl
The Mask and the Man
Aftershock: Keirra's homecoming.
Long Lost
Facing Demons (18+)
Seeking the Daedra
Quotes and Junk
Waking the Daedra
Not-Your-Average-Demon Influences
Closet of Christ (Craig Christ, that is.)
A Wicked V-Day
The (SUPER BELATED) Christmas Thread. Oops.
The Best Worst Couple (A Fun Visual Thread)
Survival Guide For A Hellion
The Life of a Soldier
Fight For Your Beliefs
Kokabiel's Business Roster
New York Sector
Houdini Acts
Angel With a Devil's Smile
Fit For A King (Luci's Manor)
Wicked Revelations
Consequences for a Serial Killer. (Lisa's revenge.)
Persecutory Delusions
Twas the night~
Enlightenment and Possible Second Chances
Changing Like the Seasons - 18+
Unexpectedly Pleasant Company - 18+ Mature
Strange pairings and unlikely friendships.
The Nighteater Express
Rhydin's Rejects: Hell's Hotel (Discussion thread.)
Rhydin's Rejects: Hell's Hotel (Halloween Special 18+)
Memories of a Serial Killer : Lisa. ((18+))
City of Angels (Mature Content 18+ -- Possible Triggers)
Feels like home.
The Half Breed Escapades. (Kane and Harper)
Harper's Outfits of the Day
Resurrection: Second Chances and Changes. (Zver's Return)
Secrets of the Fractured. (Keirra's journal.)
Hellion's Family Reunion.
Undetermined Paths.
Memories of a Serial Killer: Mom-ster. ((18+!!!!))
Requiem for a Demon. (Kitra's death scene.)
Car Junkie
Nine tenths of the law. (Keirra's Bag)
The Scrapbook...