The Catacombs


beer stein 'Neath Th' Lyght o' Th' Moon

Origin and trails of a misfit creature.

beer stein -The Church of Perdition-

A tower of darkness, a spire of hate. Evil awaits, just through the gate.

beer stein 1407 Grayskull Lane

The Location of the Wolvinator Estate, and training compound. A technologically advanced and highly secure establishment for the "outsiders" of RhyDin.

beer stein 21twelve studios

No form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight room of the soul. Here you'll find the stories behind how the twilight becomes the dawn on the big screen.

beer stein 999 Blood Street

A Brown Stone on the edge of WestEnd, a number 999, a power beyond reson, a home beyond touch, a Coven, protected by the ageless, anywho come here seeking harm, will be harmed.

beer stein A Beautiful Dream

There is a place between sleeping and waking, where everything is part of a beautiful dream.

beer stein A Beautiful Mess

Syd and Sara's Story

beer stein A Chest Full of Endless Silver

Songs of the flower prophet & friends

beer stein A Collection of Things

Various stories of Rhydin

beer stein A Field of White Flowers

Her return has released a bout of randomized chaos and destruction... But what is her end game? What is the purpose Renna is striving so hard for? No matter the answer, there will be blood, and it will be spilt to feed the white rose.

beer stein A GreenStone Tale

The Tales of The Knight Of GreenStone :Goddess of The Winds

beer stein A Lesser Throne

An old mage from another world makes a humble new beginning.

beer stein A Need for Speed

The adventures of Rhy'Din's own Crimson Flash, and the life of the man behind the mask.

beer stein A Sacred Trust

From the Isle of Avalon to the multi-dimensional Nexus world of Rhy'din, this is the story of a unique demon and the holy mission entrusted to him.

beer stein A Scape From The Ordinary

The unreal is more powerful than the real, because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it. The Illusion triumphs against reality. Stone crumbles. Wood rots. People die. But things as fragile as a thought, a dream, a legend, they can go on and on.

beer stein A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time; Co-owned by RhyDin's own green haired elf and small mad englishwoman. A shop that sells affordable casual women and men's clothing as well as an array of knit goods.

beer stein A Taru's Tale

The chronicles of two and a half feet of cutesy mage madness in Rhy'din, courtesy of Vana'diel.

beer stein A Vicious Circle

Even in the darkest of places, there is a light to dispel the shadows. Meet the Guardians, a brotherhood dedicated to bringing that light to those darkest of places, even if it means sometimes using the darkness in themselves...

beer stein Across the Sea of Stars

The past, present and unknown future of a critter from out of this world.

beer stein Across the Universe

The tales of two star crossed lovers whose fates became entwined. Stories that take place across multiple worlds and can alter the course of everything.

beer stein Adenna

A Warrior's Paradise.

beer stein Adventures of a Little Fox

Irish, broody, beautiful, and deadly.

beer stein Adventures of an Aging Elf

The recorded adventures of EdanEnDur Rochtura, an elf who came to Rhy'Din in his infancy and has since made it his permanent home. Anyone is welcome to post their tales here.

beer stein Aeternitas

For all those who have ever wished to be with their loved ones forever, I will never take it for granted.

beer stein Afternoon Tea Party

All cupcakes are welcome!

beer stein ALEYA

It's the tale of a young girl who's learning exactly who she is.

beer stein All Life's Lessons

Nothing is as certain as Death and Prada.

beer stein All or Nothing

The stories of Harold and Scotty (the Lees) and their family and friends.

beer stein Alley Cat Club

Nightlife at its most Feline, come in and enjoy the show.

beer stein Always Use Protection

The exploits of Devon Goral, licensed personal protection professional.

beer stein An Everyday Occurance

Tucked in the woods just outside of town, the home of Mykah Fairview sits quietly. Stop on by for a chat!

beer stein Ancient Weapons and Hokey Religions

Tales of spice and space, beyond the Dune Sea. (Open story folder)

beer stein And now for something completely different.

Typos, bloopers, outtakes, and more.

beer stein And The Meek Shall Inherit

The gentle Swede displaced from the real world into the magical land of Rhydin.

beer stein Angels and Demons

Daily goings on in the house of Wyndael.

beer stein Arcanum Academy

These lessons will last a lifetime. Or three. Instructing the young and old on the ways of magic and it's place in the world.

beer stein Archery Glen

A large forestry area designed to practice and test one's knack in the ways of the Archer. It is ran and overseen by Dreamweaver who also gives lessons if asked nicely.

beer stein Around the Mullberry Bush

Two sisters, their family, and their friends.

beer stein As The Worlds Turn

Events are constantly changing, resulting in adjusting to the life that one has been granted. Unlikely companions work together to deal with the situations that are thrust at them.

beer stein Ashes to Ashes

A walk on the dark side of fire.

beer stein Ashlocke Mannor

An Angent under fire from all. This is the story of how he got to where he was. By hard work. Blood and his friends.

beer stein Assignment

The study and recordings of RhyDin population for an unnamed company on Earth.

beer stein Astronautica

Tales of the GTVA 157th Terran-Vasudan Expeditionary Task Force, their 6 year mission through uncharted space, which ultimately led them to the place it seems that all end up eventually.

beer stein Ave Atque Vale

Shadowhunters are the Angel's weapons. Temper us in the fire, and we grow stronger. When we suffer, we survive.

beer stein AVIX | 3H

Sacrifice | Secrets | Survival | Answers - The Avix Empire explores it's dark and riddled past, in order to preserve it's threatened future... one action sets in motion the rippling events that send 3H spiraling into climatic adventures, mystery, suspense, and fulfilling the heart throbbing action that is only equal to it's romantic counterpart.

beer stein Back to Here

A story of the life of an elven worrier and the people in his life

beer stein Bad Moon Rising

The Museum of Otherworldly Cultures

beer stein Bal'a Dash

For those who seek to reap the blessings of Azeroth, welcome.

beer stein Beauty in Chaos

Tales of chaos, life, and love. Finding the beauty in the meaning of it all.

beer stein Belglade

We are riding on the razor edge bow of time, The past just fell behind us, The present is only a microsecond and it just ended, The future is at hand.

beer stein Beyond Midnight

"Strings to pull. Lives to live. Lives to end. And a mask to wear. Elegant gabbro and basalt Temple, that connects to RhyDin via several dark portals, where darkness swirls and from where comes its faithful officer..."

beer stein Beyond the Veil

Stories told on the streets of RhyDin, in the Lands of Eternal Summer, and beyond.

beer stein Beyond the White Tower

These are the tales of those who are near and far from White Tower of Tar Valon. Those whose paths intertwine their threads and ways on the ethereal loom that weaves the Great Pattern. Some patterns in the weave are happy and beautiful, while others are ugly and full of darkness.

beer stein Biodome

In an alternate world, there is a ravaged land of preserved domes containing cities and natural forests and other mysteries. This world transcends practicality, adult circumstances, and morals. A new dimension where those who've never come across each other can meet. Nothing is for certain, and no one is safe. Let us enjoy the festival of Biodome.

beer stein Black & Blue. And Red All Over.

What do you tell a brawler with two black eyes? Nothing. Candy already told them twice.

beer stein Black Sheep

Every family has one.

beer stein Bleeding is a Luxury

"The scariest monsters are those that lurk within our souls." - Edgar Allan Poe

beer stein Blood and Bullets

Even the classy East End has secrets of its own...

beer stein Blood and Conquest

A Warrior's Paradise

beer stein Bloody Blade Estate

An ancient house of horror that just happens to be the last house on the left.

beer stein Bon Bon Boutique

A sweet shop dedicated to making pastries and candies. Made to order or just stop on in for fresh daily treats.

beer stein Born to Be Wild

A pair of star-crossed lovers changes the past to create a new future.

beer stein Boudicca's Tales

Piles of parchment entailing the daily musings of the Former Queen of Caledonia. Settling down in Rhydin to retire. Expressions of her memoirs as well as a daily journal of sorts.

beer stein Bramble and Rose

The blood drawn by the thorn blended and faded into the petals of the rose, As though the two were really one.

beer stein Breelin Manor

An old Chateau on the outskirts of RhyDin. A unique place; beautiful and peaceful in appearance but those who passed by could often hear the terrified screams coming from inside.

beer stein Broken Parts, Missing Pieces

A loose collection of intersecting odds and ends.

beer stein Broken Steele

Jade's lost everything. Her family, her life, and even her mind. And now she wants vengence.

beer stein C'est La Vie

Such is Life

beer stein C.E. Workshops

Cybernetic Enhancements Workshops is situated close to the docks within Rhy'Din's walls and is occupied currently in an un-used warehouse.

beer stein Cat Scratchings

Marking out a new territory with new friends and family.

beer stein Charlie's Bar

The wind has changed. So too its Westling stories. Tales from a bar in West End and the lives that cross because of it.

beer stein Chasing Shadows

The life of a shadow hunter, Anastasia Morgan and her sister and her childhood Parabatai.

beer stein Chemical Eden

"Ne cherchez plus mon cóur ; des monstres l'ont mang". -- Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du Mal.

beer stein Chemical Nights

"Opium teaches only one thing, which is that aside from physical suffering, there is nothing real." – Andre Malraux

beer stein Chi Zeta Kappa

The Chi Zeta Kappa Sisterhood. Watch out!

beer stein Chikara

The stories of a magic girl.

beer stein Chimera's Token

Tokens paid for Dreams and Death. Part the veil, move beyond.The soul lines had been crossed and the ways would bind to unbreakable bonds. This was just the beginning.

beer stein Chronicled Passages

For every bauble on the horizon, there is always one that is just out of reach.

beer stein Cinder and Sarah

beer stein Citadel Raithmoore

The citadel for all with an open mind.

beer stein Clandestine

Inner Circle of The Clandestine Order and Allied Coalitions.

beer stein Club Babylon

Club Babylon is a pleasure palace and erotic resort, for anyone of age to enjoy an unforgettable evening in good company.

beer stein Coincidental Conundrum

The Misadventures of Misplaced Misfits

beer stein ConColor Garden Towers

The lives and (mis)adventures of the occupants of ConColor Garden Towers

beer stein Core Empire || Belarus Corp.

Underground organization whose soul purpose is to carry out deeds and acts as the eyes and ears of the empire as it lives on through personnel, Tengu, and a family.

beer stein Cosmo Beach

The shocking tales of Tommy Hill Figure and Skyler Jackson Chamberland, two men leading lives of wealth, violence, fornication and villainy.

beer stein Crimson Fist

A tale of one man and woman. Who shouldn't be but are. In their wild adventures from beginning to end.

beer stein Crossroads Carnivale

Wheels of Fate, carousels of time; past lives and karmic ties. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

beer stein Curios, Bits, and Baubles

The musings, adventures, and missives of a fiery gypsy; A place for those with the taste of road on their boots and a wanderer's blazing song in their heart.

beer stein Daily Bread

Tales from the irreverently named bakery and the unusual tenants that reside in the four flats above it.

beer stein Dangerous Beauty

Dangers on the High Seas.Never Looked so Good. The travels of Kathryn Manchester and her dragon friend Pip. No matter if on land or at sea on her ship The Black Velvet.

beer stein Dark as Indian Ink

Dark as Indian Ink the savage marks of Ariahn's life and stories would spill. Her history a wicked mantra she never would forget: Ill thoughts, Ill words, Ill deeds. These were the moments one could not escape.

beer stein Dark Lake

Northeast of Rhydin City, the Dark Lake is shadowed by a dormant volcano in the barony of Spire. Black sand, black rock, and deep, dark water are cradled amidst towering redwoods and silver-leaf dire oak.

beer stein Dark Side of Beauty

Dark beauty walks the streets in RhyDin, and three of those women live here, above the occult shoppe 'Dalia's Dark Side'. Visit them for a day, or a lifetime, but beware: Demons and dark magick roam free, here.

beer stein Dark Winter's Night

Within darkness and light, there's second chances for hope, for love, and for the future.

beer stein Darkest Minds, Brightest Laughter

The Intricacies of the Exasperating Intellect, where Time and Frivolity Collide.

beer stein Darkness Rising

Rebirth of a dark dragon.

beer stein Daughters of Decadence

Here lie the twisted tales of an alcoholic beer model, an undead P.I. pinup, a masochistic fashionista and their Voice of Reason. Welcome to the Den of Decadence.

beer stein Daydreams About Night Things

Chicanery: n. 1) trickery or deception by quibbling or sophistry. 2) a quibble or subterfuge used to trick, deceive, or evade.

beer stein Daylighter Blues

Stories relating to Lucien Benoit, a daywalking vampire.

beer stein De'laCroix Studio and Gallery

Art studio, gallery, and home of Valentine De'laCroix.

beer stein Demon Seeds

Evil deeds of the nightstalker.

beer stein Den City

Come and visit the rolling hills, glistening lakes and forests that Den City enjoys and shares with Fang Wood City. Take in the sights and sounds of the rural farms and communities of the country side that have elected to be called the Glade Territories. Take a trip to wintry heights of Winterpaws Kingdom and enjoy the beauty of a land locked in eternal snow and ice. All are welcome to come and play.

beer stein Denshitoakuma

Infinite time stopped beating its heart, and humans burnt away without making any noise. Not one person notices as the world becomes dislocated and is covered in the flames of Juunin.

beer stein Descensus

Hell is full of good meanings, but Heaven is full of good works. We're the best of both.

beer stein Destruction via Cure

A cure gone horridly wrong.

beer stein Destructive Creation

The crazy adventures of a clone on the loose. She is genetically enhanced, fast, smart and is not willing to let those who experimented with her go about their life without thanking her own destructive fashion.

beer stein DeVernon Dockside

Stories from the loud, bustling, busy port of RhyDin.

beer stein Disorder

dis-ord-er (v) disrupt the systematic functioning or neat arrangement of.

beer stein Dog Days

The life of Dawg and all he sees. Better the Super Size me!

beer stein Don't touch that!

The hectic hyperactivity of one lost Mithra.

beer stein Down Shambles Way

Tales of the little lives on the wrong side of the tracks.

beer stein Dr. Figmund's Mail Order Psychology Clinic

The case files and corespondence of one of Rhydin's foremost leaders in the field of mental health.

beer stein Drachen Walde

Drachen Walde : Transplanted Rigelian and her adventures in the Nexus world of RhyDin and beyond.

beer stein Dragon Slayer Mountain

A place for dragon knights and slayers to train against the evil dragon forces.

beer stein Dramatis Personae

"The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars." - Jack Kerouac, On the Road

beer stein Dreams and Nightmares

The stories found here will be of various individuals who are making their way through life, and the changes and challenges they meet – everything from that of the coldest hearted pirate to a love that conquers all obstacles.

beer stein Dreamwalkin'

The Hider, The Seeker with the Stories of the Sand. And more.

beer stein East Rhydin Trust

The Tales of James Roe and the East Rhydin Trust Company. From the end spring new beginnings.

beer stein Echthos

Sandman and Seer, Jackal and Bookworm, predators and prey and those imagined victims; the players and the pawns and the various stages they dance on.

beer stein Eidolon Ribbons

The long ribbon of a road that one might call life, a constant spill of color in the darkness, a severed twist of black in the moonlight. Ribbons of the spirit, of the heart they would stretch and touch upon those found and known.

beer stein Elly's Atelier

"The life, times, and workshop of The Witch."

beer stein Elusive Grace

Grace, the means by which humans are granted salvation.

beer stein Elvish Love, Demon Vengeance

True Tales of the villainous, infamous, butcherering, and ingenius Dark Elf who only ever wanted to see the sun rise one more time.

beer stein Epona's Tails

The wanderings of a centaur filly

beer stein Ex Tenebris Lux

Only through darkness do we reach the light.

beer stein Exodii System

A new solar system and its 4th planet, Exodii, teaming with life, magic and a mixed genre of technology. The only known portion of the former realm of Secak, and what is left of the Woodshadow family. With land and family pulled apart, reformed and grasping for what life may be granted, these are the tales of their lives and those around them.

beer stein Expressions of Hope

The (mis)adventures of the Smith family and their growing circle.

beer stein Exquisite Exiles

From Avalon to Eden, spirit walks to kingdoms always an exile would exist. This was the truth of the women behind the legends through their exiled years: The original heartbreaker, the ever gifted, and the moon daughter born to love the fallen and the forgotten warriors.

beer stein Eyes On Fire

"Multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die." - Charles Darwin

beer stein Fading Light

The knife edge life: Battles with instincts and scruples.

beer stein Fairy Goth Mother

Tales and tantrums from Rhy'din's Fairy Goth Mother, Abby Normal.

beer stein Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, long ago, but not so far away, a fairy left Darkwood Forest and came into Rhydin.

beer stein Fay's Woven Dreams

-Made to measure-alterations, originals. Specialises in embroidery. Prices vary. Also available, dreams, interpretations, mystic-coil, herbal lore-

beer stein Fire and Ice

One of Ice. One of Fire. Two elements that sould not easily coexist together. But love has a way changing things. The Life and Travels of Zara Idande and Delán Dulthaas.

beer stein Firebird Manor

A family having come together, turning their backs on the adversity and hardships they once knew, to find trust and loyalty among one another. Each with their own sense of duty and justice, some not above resorting to vigilante justice to ensure that those without a voice can sleep safely at night, and walk the streets unharmed. This is the Clan of Firebird. These are their tales and stories.

beer stein Flame

Of Jenai

beer stein Flummery and Frill

A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men.

beer stein Fondue Fairy Tales

In the melting pot of life, some fairy stories actually live. A tradition says that if a man loses his bread in the pot, he buys drinks all around, and if a woman does, she must kiss her neighbors. What’s your tale?

beer stein Fool's Gold and Landslides

Behind the curtain lies the mysteries of another world where bloodlines run deeper than the written histories and fairytales can't survive the harsh realities of true power. Sinners and saints alike, welcome.

beer stein Fordyce Enterprises

She fought for everything in her life. Coming up as a no good nobody on the streets of Rhydin, doing what she'd been taught and trained to do all her life. Now she takes it a step further, making a living out of it, while trying to be professional about it all. The life, hardships and business interactions of this fearless Rogue.

beer stein Forever Alone

The story of two people, who found each other and love each other, Forever and always

beer stein Forever Can Be

Save the world so you don't have to save yourself.

beer stein Forging a New Path

In the eastern part of Rhy'Din lies the Ring Manor and home to the Populi as they try to establish themselves as one the enduring families of Rhy'Din, not to mention making a neat little profit of their own in the process. All are welcome to take refuge from the trails and pain that the city can offer.

beer stein Forgotten Layers

Home of Izira Nyte and The Forgotten Layers Inn. Resting in an unnamed magical realm, the place is easier to find when lost if one is without the aid of a map drawn by the lady herself.

beer stein Forsaken Blades Clubhouse

Situated in a forest clearing, South RhyDin, lies the clubhouse of the Forsaken Blades guild.

beer stein From Eveningstar to Evandar

And everywhere in between. Herein lie the tales of the soulbound elves, Thelrain Larethian and Elessaria Devabriel, as they journey upon the twisting paths of their lives.

beer stein From Geladine Sunrises to Rhy'Din Sunsets

For the tales of the refugees from the land of Geladine and the ragtag pack of Hishn that live at Ardane. Their triumphs and failures as they persevere through exile, make friends and enemies, and race through the blue Rhy'Din sky upon the backs of animals of legend.

beer stein From the Ashes

Tales of an old soul stuffed into a newer, younger version of himself.

beer stein Fur'za Flyin'

Multi-dimensional Courier Services.

beer stein Furey-ous Ink! Tattoos

One of a kind tattoos, body piercing, and decorative body scars by artist Maggie Furey. Drop in for a chat or a tatt!

beer stein Galaxy At Large

The Universe is a big place with many stories.

beer stein Global Unification Neutralization Services

G.U.N.S. over Rhydin

beer stein Gossip GangSTAR

RhyDin -- it's a blogger's paradise!

beer stein Gray Mage

Corwin Shadowkill: Master Magus Most Mighty, spellslinger for hire. No love potions, endless purses, parties or other entertainment.

beer stein Halloween Town

A place where it is always Halloween, and where The Skulls Brotherhood resides.

beer stein Heart of Shadows

Tales of a Dark King and his Beloved Queen.

beer stein Heart of the Rose

Past the thorns and beneath the beauty, lies the true heart of the things.

beer stein Hellfire

The Ragin' Cajuns

beer stein Hit Me

It's either this or that, and a certain bubblegum pink-haired newcomer from Terra is questing for a positive "other."

beer stein Holding On, Letting Go.

One door swings open. One door swings closed. Some prayers answered, some never know.

beer stein Hollows Bio Cell

Tales of Ivy the Vampire, Icesong and Hollows Bio Cell.

beer stein Home Is Where The Heart Is

Tales and tellings of a companion and the people in her life, a lady never kisses and tells.

beer stein Honor Among Thieves

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

beer stein House of Cards

Home of King of Clubs Magic Shop and Spade & Heartt Detective Agency. "You gotta love livin', baby, 'cause dyin' is a pain in the..." -Frank Sinatra

beer stein House of Payne

The times and tales of Mara and Michelle Payne, and those they let into their hearts.

beer stein House of Shar

Tales of the Narul family and others associated with the House of Shar.

beer stein House Soulbinder

A nondescript townhouse in the WestEnd houses the descendants of Saris Soulbinder and their loved ones.

beer stein How to Be a Werewolf

The adventures and misadventures of Jay Capistrano.

beer stein How to kiss Bollywood style

A comprehensive guide as told by two professionals who have no idea what they're doing.

beer stein Howling Sonnet

The life and times of Soerl and Lydia Lute and their strange extended family.

beer stein Hunters Sanctuary

There exist throughout the known world Limani-Sanctuaries where humans and animals can gather without fear of being hunted. This is Club Andros.

beer stein Hymns of Relata

Tales of the people, creatures and items that come from the world of Relata. A land of magic and history; and the people who's stories intertwine with them.

beer stein Ignore The Smoke and Smile

DJ and Shenanigan-Raiser by Day, Demon Dueler by Night! A man whose day job masks his true calling. Like Superman... but with better hair.

beer stein Illusory Intersection

New life, new beginnings. These are the collected stories of the Stanton siblings and their friends and loved ones, and their journey from a life of shadows and secrets into the light of a better future. Any and all that run the shadows are welcome here.

beer stein In the Heart of Africa

There is a saying in Africa -- the man who chooses to ride the back of a lion can never dismount. Well, I had made that choice, and now I'm discovering just how true that saying is.

beer stein In The Valley Below

A man can only endure so much.

beer stein In This Moment

It is all you truly have.. just this moment.

beer stein Iron & Steam

You've got a problem. Khon can fix it.

beer stein Isis Manor

Tales of a small mad englishwoman.

beer stein It's A Bartender's Life For Me!

Des lives here.

beer stein Jambalaya

Dress in style, go hog wild, on the Bayou

beer stein Jello H.Q.

Brought back by popular demand the official HQ of Rhy'Din National Jello Wrestling League founded by The Jello Wrestling Queen May and The Awesome Jello Wrestling Diva Darcy.

beer stein Jin's Fourth Eye

The life and times of Jin Mishin and company.

beer stein Jones Manor

A home where two young lovers, having finally voiced their feelings for the other. Face the future together, and as each day passes. Their love and feelings grow stronger, no matter what they may face.

beer stein Kadir

The third of the Isles, this Isle has been extended by the Momus family to the Guardian and his family.

beer stein Kathal Heartstone

A love lost and refound in the shimmering mists of RhyDin.

beer stein Kesey Apartment Complex

On the outskirts of the Old Market district and close enough to the WestEnd to be called suspect stands a slice of rundown heaven known as the Kesey Apartment Complex. Welcome to this deliciously degenerate place where the buildings are old, the neighbors are crazy and nothing works the way it should.

beer stein Kirost Enterprises

The many and varied efforts of Andu and the Corporate Officers of the RTS.

beer stein KLIT-AM 900 Radio

Home of the (in)famous RhyDin Rewind!

beer stein Kurgen Keep

Twins with a shadowed past make their way in a world where they've never felt welcome by any save those who taught them what they know.

beer stein La Familia De Tigre

The coninuing saga of the Tigre family, taken over by Alexandir, one of the sons of Mary & Gato Tigre.

beer stein La lumière du matin

Each morning, is a new begining.

beer stein Lackadaisical

Misadventures of a Skinny Minnie

beer stein Lady of Fire

The misadventures of Lucy Huntington Mitford, Our Lady of Lost Socialites and Women on Fire.

beer stein Lands of Mana

The Drow have returned in more ways, than one.

beer stein Lasherette's Journal

Written within its vellum pages is the story of how the different lives of Lady Lasherette Beresford and other personalities cross and are forever changed. A story of romance, adventure, and the things people do in the dark.

beer stein Learning to Live Again

The daily life of Dakota Steele as he struggles to stay on the path of sobriety, and Rosie O'Del, the woman who helped him find his music again.

beer stein Leave The Past Behind You

A tale of tragedy, a tale of unspoken love. Its the story of their past, the three children who have now grown into respectable adults. Though their past may haunt them, soon the light shines bright on their future.

beer stein Let It Ride

Life could be full of Mischief and Mayhem. Sometimes you just had to put your bet out there, play the cards life dealt you, and just let it ride.

beer stein Library of Dark Lore

A dark edifice that rested in the throes of darkness and magic, power and sin. Dare you tread past the threshold to face fears, desires, and a far worse vision... the scribes and archivists of the library itself...

beer stein Life of a Half-Elf

Trials and tribulations of an half-elf, past and present, and the current actions of Dimitri.

beer stein Life of Two Good and Evil Ninjas

It will be the life story of my newly created character, it goes back to when I was a ninja in a clan that was destroyed, and seeked out for revenge to the one's who were responsible.

beer stein Lion's Pride and Gryphon's Eyrie

The plantation style house and Pegasi stables sat on the shores of a lake. This place was home to the hosts of people who danced through the catlings life.

beer stein Lirima Ailotea

"Lovely Little Flowers" - because we all want something beautiful.

beer stein Longden Castle

The dark domain of Count Talomar Longden. Those who would dare to enter herein would be wise to carefully consider the cost.

beer stein Lost Lore Library

An Elfling Fae and her love of books, wonder, & wander sprawled near her Great Ancestors' hearth reading tales from every age and every world.

beer stein Love, Desire, Hope, and Fear

By candlelight these curses, by moonlight the Valendria lore. Bound in a Book of Shadows and Spirits would be the story of the Four.

beer stein Low Lifes Living The High Life

Every angel has a past, and every sinner has a future.

beer stein Luck be a Lady

Lover, Gambler, Goddess.

beer stein Lucy's Purpose and Destiny

Stories of her rise to power in distant lands, to first person accounts of her thoughts, to the reason of why she was called, Renna of the Dark.

beer stein Luinista

The accounts and adventures of the airship Luinista's crew.

beer stein Lullabies of the Lost

They're singing an anthem; are you lost enough to hear it?

beer stein Lux Aeterna

The brightest of lights cast the darkest of shadows, the brightest of flames leave the deepest of scars. Amidst it all come the tales of inexplicably intertwined realms both near and far.

beer stein MacDraven's Keep

Lady Kyndra MacDraven's home near Rhydin where she will tell her history, describe the search and build of the keep as well as journals.

beer stein Madness and Co.

"In the spirit of science, there really is no such thing as a 'failed experiment.' Any test that yields valid data is a valid test." - Adam Savage

beer stein Marked

Once by blood, twice by divine... The tales and misadventures of a marked elf.

beer stein Marketplace Chamber of Commerce

A collective dedicated to improving the marketplace and assisting businesses throughout the city of RhyDin .

beer stein Matches?

The storyline is basically about the pyromaniac, Cal and her exboyfriend and best friend's brother, Damari and their background in New York preceeding their coming to RhyDin. The story also includes their arrival to RhyDin and what is curently going on with their lives including things such as Cal's obsession with fire, why she has completely disowned her father, and each other's love affairs.

beer stein Matlal

The second of the Isles, the Momus family has extended the hospitality of this land to the Eldaire.

beer stein Max's Lair

The lair of Max, the first blood dragon since the dawn of the multiverce and his mate Risa.

beer stein McPhearson Freight Services

Freight protection services for local air space and outer space transports with additional services to be added soon. Come follow the adventures of Stalker McPhearson and his friends and discover what kind of trouble is always following them.

beer stein Memoirs of Llewyss GreyMantle

Herein lays the account of Llewyss GreyMantle, Captain, Steward and Ranger of Eldicor. Taken from his journals, these accounts are forever kept in the historical records of Eldicor as directed by Queen Teleperien, ruler.

beer stein Miss B's Dock Side Restaurant and Casino

The ground floor restaurant and 1st floor casino was built up within Miss B's base of operations (a Dockside warehouse), strategically built and designed to overlook the ocean and the setting sun.

beer stein Mistigris

(n) 1 : a joker or blank card that the holder can play as any card.

beer stein Molon Labe

Whether in war, in vengeance, or in love, there can be no victory without sacrifice.

beer stein Moonlight and Magic

Tales of a curious little shop in the Marketplace and the Witches that run it.

beer stein Mortalis Draconis

Herein lie the tales of the Shimmer-Scale family. Dragon hunters hailing from the Undine Empire. Tight-knit and loving (while maintaining individual differences) they are the best at what they do; and what they do to dragons isn't very nice.

beer stein Mosgoroth

Not everything that is monstrous-looking is evil, and not everything fair is good...and in every fairy tale there is a grain of truth.

beer stein MPS

You've heard of PMS? Meet MPS (The Men of the Priestesses of Scathach). Weekly meetings for this Support Group are held by charter members Brian Ravenlock, Scorpion Wraitharan and Keaton J. Fox.

beer stein Muted Ramblings

Mental muanderings and meanderings and other odd narrations of a story that has yet to see its end.

beer stein Ne plus ultra

Since as long as there have been stars there have been those trying to grab them. They are the sailors whose boat was fated to fall off the edge of the earth. They are the all-knowing and the lost. They are the cartographers whose maps no one will find. They are the travelers who hunger for the greatest feast: the uncharted unknown. The final frontier. The end of time. Where no man has gone before. Yet there are those who seek to go beyond even that.

beer stein New Horizons

The tale of two captains of the sea, and on land as they travel together, finding treasure, mayhem and a new life together.

beer stein Nexus Newstream HQ

The headquarters of the top-rated mega-multi-universal broadcasting conglomerate, nestled in the heart of RhyDin's Stars End spaceport. Don't change that channel!

beer stein Night Rose: The Rock Sensation

From drumsticks, guitar strings, and piano keys to kilts, mohawks, tattoos, and record labels. How these four musical visionaries and artists partied like the rock stars they become and remain.

beer stein Nitesong

Hidden homeland for Alais Graham

beer stein Now or Never

"Sometimes there is no next time, no time-outs, no second chances. Sometimes it's now or never." - Alan Bennet

beer stein O'Dell's Deli

Rosie's place, come in, sit a spell and enjoy!

beer stein Odhran

Largest of the Isles, Odhran houses the Manor of the Momus family. It is here where the Eldest of the Dragon race make their home.

beer stein Of Fields and Fealty

Where noble hearts reside.

beer stein Of Gods & Monsters

Anthologies of limbo.

beer stein Of Monsters and Miscreants

...and lesser known myths and masquerades.

beer stein Of Swords And Silks

Tales of those of and near the ways of the bondchain and beyond. Stories of Llothgarians and more.

beer stein Of the Onyx Lotus

Tales of the Onyx Lotus, it's Shop, the Lotus Clan, and those that have stepped inside it's door.

beer stein Of Wood and Bone

Building a new life from fragments of the old

beer stein Open Water

The Life of Noah David Shimmerscale Bird and Captain Dante Mason Keltar, Best friends in blood and Salt water with the family and friends. Home of Noah's Wooden Wonders. Home of the Order of the Seven Seas.

beer stein Orphans of the Aether

Taken from the heavens, the darkness, or the streets, they had each other.

beer stein Outcast Coterie

"Now this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky, And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die." - Rudyard Kipling

beer stein Paint it Black

Vel'klar natha barra rein.

beer stein Peccavi

Every sinner has his paradise.

beer stein Perdition to Conviction: Descent of a Hell Jumper

As the phoenix rises, so does the raven. Under midnight wings and within armor the color of the new moon, so did this Hell Jumper fall into a world of fire, a city on the brink of war. When he landed, however, he knew not, he could never have guessed, what he'd find.

beer stein Pi Omega Pi

The Brotherhood of Pi Omega Pi.

beer stein Pinku Oyobi Murasakiiro

Things aren't going to get any better on their own.

beer stein Places Beyond

RhyDin, the Nexus where all comes to be. Yet there is that fog that rolls off the waters... the dust that shimmers the distance... the clouds that hide the sky... In those places, there is always another world to be found... Other stories to be told...

beer stein Planes of Oblivion

"You can't be saved, oblivion is all you crave." - Robert Palmer

beer stein Plaza de Troyes

North west of the Marketplace this stunning new plaza development offers single and two-story offices with a diverse selection of open-area and contiguous suites in various sizes. The landscaped gardens offer a wonderful place to stop and take lunch. The front desk receptionist takes calls and appointments for the variety of office dwellers found within. Need an appointment with a therapist? An investigator? A state-of-the-art computer technician? That and more can be found here, at Plaza de Troyes.

beer stein Princess Trouble

Welcome to the dark, please excuse the large pink castle.

beer stein Project Gatecrasher

A team of four unlikely allies comes together to stop a maniac bent on destruction.

beer stein Queer Portents

“Give yourself prudence and love your friends, so we can rejoice your truth.” - Lady Gaga

beer stein Radio RhyDin

102.5 RhyDin - 102.7 West End

beer stein Ramblings from the Loony Bin

Rubber dog collar. Change purse. Bloodbath.

beer stein Ravensheart Academy

The Mission of Ravensheart Academy is to serve as RhyDin's national academy for public education, promoting, sustaining and representing lifelong learning. It is sanctioned by the government of RhyDin.

beer stein Reborn: Vanessa's Journey

The story of V: A rare vampire with a soul, and a great purpose.

beer stein Red Dragon Sector - Classified

Dossier detailing the Imperial Anden presence and various operations undertaken within the Space/Time anomaly known as “Rhydin” and its environs.

beer stein Refugees from a Rift

Shipwrecked; lost (again!) and truly on their own for the first time in their lives.

beer stein Reminders of Rain

Reminders of our downfalls. Of what was, of what could be. Tag's story through the people who knew him.

beer stein Renegade Farm

A large farm tucked away on the East Side of Rhy-Din, where you never know what kind of magic will happen. Feel free to stop by and take a slow afternoon in the presents of great creatures.

beer stein Renna, The Betrayer

"Power, after love, is the first source of happiness." - Stendhal

beer stein Revenant

The Temple once brought Rhydin to the brink of civil war, pitting the Followers and their leaders, the Deacons, against the guilds, mages and all who would not accept the new religion. All that prevented a bloody massacre throughout the City was the sudden eruption of a fierce battle within the Temple precincts itself, deep in Rhydin's old Merchant's Quarter, and the disappearance of the cult's fanatic leader, the Presbyter. But now the tensions are rising again amid whispered rumors of the cleric's return...

beer stein Rewritten Magic

A collection of tales, spell woven stories as told by those convinced magic is found within us all.

beer stein Rhy'Din Minor Leagues

Sports making the news across the city and region.

beer stein RhyDin's Ballet Troupe

beer stein Ring Around the Rosie

A collection of pretty posies

beer stein River Valley Ramblings

The ramblings of Annabeth Caldwell and friends.

beer stein Rivermoon

The Chronicles of the Barony of Rivermoon in the Continent of Prytania

beer stein Rolling Stone

The victories and occasional defeats of a Knockaround Guy.

beer stein Rookery Row

Winding streets, the indentured's retreat. Fae lights, foggy nights. Here lies the city-labyrinth for the forgotten, the unwanted, and the lost, where everyone danced to the Piper's tune. Through the Goblin Market do you enter his realm...

beer stein Rose Red

"From tiny experiences we build cathedrals." -Orhan Pamuk

beer stein RU!

Being an account of the adventures and antics of four Rhy'din barflies in search of a good time and another mug of ale

beer stein RUDE

The adventures of the Re-assumed Utensils of Destruction Empire

beer stein Ruins of the Past, Legacy of the Future

"I saw behind me those who had gone, and before me those who are to come. I looked back and saw my father, and his father, and all our fathers, and in front to see my son, and his son, and the sons upon sons beyond. And their eyes were my eyes. As I felt, so they had felt, and were to feel, as then, so now, as tomorrow." -- Richard Llewellyn

beer stein Rumors Mill

In the south, off the road, there is a villa on a hill near a vineyard, an archaeologist in a study, and so very much to learn.

beer stein Sanctuary

A night club in West End, and the home of the crazy halfbreed, Lilith.

beer stein Savage Garden

The Events in the life of Col. William "Wil" Samuel Savage, I.I.S.C. Agent.

beer stein Scratch

Sublime service in tattoo's & body aug.

beer stein Seductive Nights

Demons live among you corrupting your soul through various sins. This one and those in her employ lead the sin of lust.

beer stein Seeking Righteous Vengeance

For those who would enlist the aid of the Daughters of Scathach

beer stein Shades of Grey

Against a snowy background, Imposing yet serene, The fearsome leopard of the snow, Can hardly yet be seen.

beer stein Shades of Pemberley

May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with courage and optimism. Even in the darkest hour, there is always a glimmer of hope, for each hour is only sixty minutes.

beer stein Shadows and Dust

The tales and travails of Connar Valdor.

beer stein Shadows and Light

Brief Description: Of all the places and all the times, life would be lonesome without the little people who play in the background of our vision. For those who do not stand out but make up the little stories that bind us together here.

beer stein Shadows of Rhydin

beer stein Shelter of the Sacred Flame

At a run-down, boarded-up old theater house in the shadows can be found the light of the Sacred Flame, the fire stolen from the gods and gifted to man that he might find comfort from the darkness and wild. Be you outcast, homeless, frightened, hungry, or just in need of a little warmth, you can find your rest here.

beer stein Shoe Slam

Aurast Dagger Sasc used to be a swordsman and protector of an ancient city before he discovered the possibility of realm travel and his life changed forever. Along with a fondness for the bass guitar, he realizes he has a passion for music. These are the stories of his experiences and friends he's made as he tries to one day make it big in a band.

beer stein Silver and Blue

Exploits of the Motorcycle Cavalry and Other Anachronisms.

beer stein Silverblood Bloodlines

Classic name, Classic Bloodline. the Adventures of the Silverblood clan and their family.

beer stein Sinners Like Me

Down a barely used dirt road, far beyond the Mason-Dixon line, a portal links the small town of Thomaston, Georgia with the chaotic noise of RhyDin and serves as a conduit between the two worlds for the Daniels family. Here are their stories from both sides of the nexus.

beer stein Six Degrees

It's a small world after all...

beer stein Skin Like a Doll

When one was forged from porcelain, freed from the marionette strings and left to their own wicked devices, life would become blatantly surreal and corrupted. Forget your happily ever after. The Dolls had a new story to tell.

beer stein Smash and Grab

Adventures, action, mayhem, and booze.

beer stein Sojourn

'The tales of Brian and Jenai, their new life and family in and out of Rhy'din'

beer stein Songpaw Tavern

Nestled in the woods, miles south of Rhy'Din city, south even of the southern glen. Off the beaten path a mossy walled road, past a wooden road sign, leads into the wooded clearing, Songpaw Inn and tavern stands along with a stables and plenty of lush gardens, with their enchanting views and fountains and many kinds of flowers and plants. This is a place to come and rest, eat, drink and be merry! Oh and don't forget to try Dosha's baking!

beer stein Sonnet 44

Stories from here and there of people who find home in each other and the friends woven into the pattern of their lives.

beer stein Soul Society

A place where lost souls may seek refuge and safety with Guardians there. A safe haven for all Scared souls with no body to call their own. The Soul Society will gladly accept all souls of pure hearts.

beer stein Sovereign Legacy

The story of the Rhovniks, the DeMuers, and the Sovereign Realm of Drasill.

beer stein SPD

Mission central all things SPD.

beer stein Spellworks

The work and lives of mages Tarna D'Velle and Corwin Shadowkill.

beer stein Spies Like Us

“A murderer is less loathsome than a spy; the murderer may have acted on a sudden mad impulse. But a spy is always a spy; his vileness pervades every moment of his life.” ― Honoré de Balzac

beer stein Spit and Scales

A Shipyard, a Captain, a Barrister.

beer stein Star Static

The stars are always talking, are you listening?

beer stein Stolen Ones

"For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand." ― W. B. Yeats

beer stein Stories of Dana Winters

Dana Winters begins a new life in Rhy'Din as she makes new friends and starts anew.

beer stein Storm in Skin

The wind calls your name, tell her your story.

beer stein Street Legal

Free spirits can be bribed just like solid souls.

beer stein Strix Incorporated

Private Security and Detective Agency located in Rhydin's WestEnd.

beer stein Struggles of a Lost Soul

A story of one man's struggle to break the ties with his evil past and to reconnect with his soul.

beer stein Student Union

An organized community of Fraternity, Sorority, and other student dwellings on campus that provide day time education and night time Toga Parties.

beer stein Sunsets and Legends

The trials and tribulations of a Misplaced Ranger as he tackles the internal and external demons of life and the daily chaos of residing in Rhydin.

beer stein Sweetness in Shadows

Everyone has a past and everyone has a future, and some cross, and some never end. When one crosses that of that never ends, strange happenings begin.

beer stein Ta'Ven

Beyond Mists & Magick. Stories of those who guard the Tomrack Stone, Ta'Ven, and those who are connected with the ways of Mists and Magick in Ta'Ven.

beer stein Take Hold of the Flame

We see the light of those who find a world has passed them by, too late to save a dream that's growing cold. We realize that fate must hide its face from those who try to see the distant signs of unforetold. Take hold of the flame.

beer stein Taking Care of Business

The Bonny Corporation's business is making money through creative problem-solving. We're nothing at all like the Mafia, we swear!

beer stein Tales from the Rhydin Yellow pages

Everyone has done it, you need something you pull out the phone book and scribble down an adress. This is the place for the tales of what happen next. Shop owners and customers alike are welcome.

beer stein Tales of Seduction

Everything has a price.

beer stein Tales of the RhyDin Orphanage

Stories of the poor souls who have been abandoned to the cruel life at the RhyDin Orphanage. A place where only the strong and the criminally inclined survive. All characters and stories welcomed.

beer stein The 27th Special Operations Division of the RhyDin Watch

Tales of the Men & Women who serve the City of RhyDin as part of this Specialized unit of the Watch.

beer stein The Accidental Alchemist

beer stein The Alchemist's Fire

Welcome to the Alchemist's Fire. Your one stop shop for Alchemy Supplies, Potions, Tonics, Elixirs, Magical Artifacts, Tomes and more. Located down Alchemy Way in the Rhydin Market Place. Come in and say hi to Ammy Spiritor.

beer stein The Angelic Haven

A haven for all that can't find refuge anywhere else. Aslo a training ground for those that have good intentions. And a library for those seeking knowledge.

beer stein The Asylum Club

A sanctuary for sinners, where all your darkest desires are not only welcome but encouraged. Please check your inhibitions at the door.

beer stein The Athenaeum

Home and extended library to the Momus family within the city of RhyDin. It is here where copies of all text can be found and much can be taught and learned.

beer stein The Atlanta Connection

The elite of Southern Hospitality mingles within and without of Rhydin.

beer stein The Avengers: Rhy'Din's Mightiest Heroes!

"And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Rhy'Din's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat. On that day the Rhy'Din Governor, Sheridan Driscol, signed into law "The Avengers Initative", and the Avengers were born. Now is the time, heed the call, stand with justice, honor and glory; Avengers... Assemble!"

beer stein The Bird of Hermes

The misadventures of one misplaced ensign. Contains tribbles, time travel, and proof that the universe is insecure.

beer stein The Black Stag

Tales of a Courtesan.

beer stein The BlackRose Vampire Covern

A collective archive of the Adventures, Accomplishments, and Failures of our Coven members, led by Victor Xevior BlackRose

beer stein The Blood Moon Pack

Only a Blood Moon can satisfied the hunger of a wolf.

beer stein The Bones Do the Work

First comes smiles, then lies. Last is gunfire.

beer stein The Books of Ashar

The Lands, Peoples, and History of Asharan, the Realms of the Far West.

beer stein The Brink

"We're forever teetering on the brink of the unknowable, and trying to understand what can't be understood." -Isaac Asimov

beer stein The Brotherhood Fortress

In this time of trouble and turmoil, darkness abound and shadows long comes a light of truth and strength. The light of Brotherhood. Beware those that fear the light.

beer stein The Captain's Quaters

Tales of the worst pirate ever.

beer stein The Caravan Circuit

Modern-day gypsies and their social network of caravans and RVs called "the circuit" roam a multitude of cities, including RhyDin.

beer stein The Carnal Curse

To be wild was an aching burn. Living with a hunger that could never be sated. Even predators could not escape the addiction, the price to carry that Carnal Curse.

beer stein The Chainned Inn

A haven for the darker side of life in Rhy'Din. Slavers, slaves, mercs, and other things no one wants to admit are around.

beer stein The Chronicles of Somnia

The adventures of the clone-next-door, and friends!

beer stein The Circuit Disrupted

When an advanced race tinkers with others... where does the line get drawn. How many paths that might have been taken get disrupted?

beer stein The Clan Ravenlock

Tales of the Ravenlock Clan far and wide

beer stein The Craftworld

Lingering on the outskirts of the galaxy floats a ship of titanic proportions, a gigantic 3-D diamond shaped Craftworld hiding within the depths of space, stareing down upon the world it now wishes to use for unknown means.

beer stein The Cursed Brothers

the life of kai and darkstar, and the people they know,in the RDI and in flydone,present and past,good times and bad

beer stein The D'Mourir Family

A family torn apart by war and reunited in a strange city.

beer stein The Demon Hunter

A house of stone with a thatched roof and only one door of steel. Located in the forest sotheast of Rhy'Din.

beer stein The Eden Project

Everyone's looking for their own kind of Eden.

beer stein The Ethereal Loom

A graceful shop for all your clothing needs. Anywhere from casual to formal as well as magically touched.

beer stein The Fallen Cross Detective Agency

Need to find someone or something? Have a problem you're not willing to tackle on your own? Give us a call. We can help!

beer stein The Family O'Corr

From a sprawling ranching estate to a sea-worn fishing boat, from the delicious smells of the Three Sisters' Bakery, to the late Caul O'Corr's famous Twisted Spur Tavern, these are the stories of a family named O'Corr.

beer stein The Fangs of Bhaal

Housed within each of us is the vile potential for true evil; and guarding over this sacred potential are the malevolent "Fangs of Bhaal". Come....take this sinister journey with one of the most diabolical and dark hearted cabal of villains to ever exist in Rhydin, as they make their ultimate bid for unholy conquest and brutal genocide.

beer stein The Fire of the Fox, Emma

Adoptive-Daughter of Lucy Ren, this is her story of growin up with her Mother, and, once again, finding her after the "accident" that seperated them. Present stories, will ensue.

beer stein The First Annual Spring Rhydinian Robe Festival & Male Auctions

Events leading up to the First Annual Spring Rhy'dinian Robe Festival in support of the RPAVDBs (Rhydinian Pigmy Albino Vampiric Dust Bunnies) and their relocation. A Festival of robes and music and also an auction of of some of Rhydins most interesting and sought after males.

beer stein The Five Kingdoms

Where the Far East meets The West End

beer stein The Forest of Misery

A place of regrets and lost love, where shadows lurk and sadness fills the air.

beer stein The Forge

The Ranger and the Blacksmith; two unlikely brothers and their intertwining escapades.

beer stein The Godspeed Girls

Past the Parted Veil there were burdens to endure, love to lose, and lives to live again. Only the Blue Death, the Glass Star, and the Warrior had learned to survive such trials and bargains and these were their stories.

beer stein The Guardians

You are no longer content jumping around on roofs or listening to police scanners until you find trouble. As a member of the Guardians, you just go out and fight the crime. We take care of the rest.

beer stein The Gypsy Rose

Every rose has its thorns. This Gypsy is no different. But every rose has its pedals, too. And hers happen to be rainbow. Prepare for the thrills, chills, and spills of this Ex-Rock Star.

beer stein The Harlequin

Blades, blood, bands, and more.

beer stein The Hunter

For seven silvers, I'll hunt my own brother.

beer stein The Ice Elf

The travels, travails, and tales of ice elf extraordinaire Locke D'Vestavio

beer stein The Institute of Arcane Principle

The Institute of Arcane Principle is a University of magical study that revolves around the development and advancement of its students. From fledgling Novitiate to powerful Magus, the walls of the Institute offer solace for all those seeking to increase and perfect their knowledge and mastery of Arcana. Submit your application and, depending on acceptance, indulge your ambition and fascination within the confines of limitless expansion. Founded by Arkon Daraul, Dark Mage of the Shaitan Covenant.

beer stein The Iron Dragons

Have a war to be fought, and short on soldiers? Is that annoying necromancer threatening you with an invasion of undead? Are you simply looking to conquer distant lands, and don't want the headache of raising your own army? Call the Iron Dragons!

beer stein The island of the tiger

An island in the middle of the ocean, a training ground for fighters.

beer stein The Kalasal Kingdom

Do you know her? Rie? Yeah shes got a castle hiden in the forest.... Go look at the gardens at the faires at any thing .....stare in amazment and then meet the woman who is the reson for it all!

beer stein The Kissing Bandit's Exploits

Small messages left on town billboards telling of the Kissing Bandit's conquests.

beer stein The Land of Mists

The Bleak realm of Darkon, has returned home, and the Dead reign here

beer stein The Lanesborough

Elegance and finery in its halls, the guests here are always pampered and never questioned.

beer stein The Legend of Stiles Mornay

Here you may learn about the exploits of Stiles Mornay and his comrades in the past, and the activities of his family with the RhyDinians now.

beer stein The Legend of Zabiru

Finding himself in a world he'll never understand, this lone Taeran struggles against his own society, the society he now lives in, and the forces between them all. Follow the leader if you dare, because once you get close to him, your world will turn upside down.

beer stein The Lesson of the Cherry Blossom

Mysteriously and dubiously freed from a life of duty, a geisha begins a new path, indulging in the forbidden.

beer stein The light and the shadow

Hanzo, with his newly adopted child, travels RhyDin and it's surrounding provinces, trying to educate him to be a smart, fearless person who will ultimately make RhyDin a better place. Anyone is allowed to post here, whether it be an encounter, or a story of their own.

beer stein The Lore of the Lightbringers

Having withstood destruction at the hands of the Shaitan Covenant, the survivors have arrived in Rhy'Din to carve their own place. From old enemies in the Shaitan to new ones found in the Unseelie Court, the survival of the tattered kingdom rests in their perseverance against the Dark. "Darkness is Simply the Absence of Light."

beer stein The Lost and The Found

It's the best, and the worst of life. Theres nothing like the high when someone's found, and nothing like the low when you know they are forever lost.

beer stein The Lost Book of Raziel: A Fall from Grace

Description: What does fate hold for a lost amnesiac seeking to uncover his past and unlock his future? The story of a forgotten scion of the heavens.

beer stein The Lost Captain

An old house out near the sea just a few miles away from Rhy'Din port. The house needs work on the roof and windows but otherwise looks homey

beer stein The May Queen

The tales of a sky pirate crew seeking fortune and virtue

beer stein The MetaHuman Nation of Rhydin

A place for Orcs to call home

beer stein The Nature of the Beast

The Nature of the Beast lurks within us all. Do you dare to set it free?

beer stein The New World Order

The New World Order begins here...

beer stein The Night Doctor

No license. No degree. No questions asked. No reports filed.

beer stein The Oracle

The official office building for the The Oracle. Want a subscription? Have a complaint? Make an appointment to talk to one of our reporters.

beer stein The Order of the Shade

After the repossession of Lucy "Ren" Ravenlock and the return of the Queen of Shadows, Renna The Betrayer finally finds her own purpose within this existence she was born to destroy.

beer stein The Organization

Don't be so quick to throw away your life. No matter how disgraceful or embarrassing it may be, you need to keep struggling to find your way out until the very end.

beer stein The Raggedy Edge

Tales of those who fly under the radar of the gou cao de Alliance, those who originate in the Firefly 'verse

beer stein The RhyDin Bulletin Board

Found in the town square, a large piece of standing wood where paper and parchment are stuck, advertisements for parties and dances, help wanted and jobs needed, items for sale and items wanted. Open to anyone in RhyDin to advertise anything.

beer stein The Road We Made

Life was a main road that they held hands and travelled along together. Their stories joining, parting and weaving branches through the lives of others as each embraces the road they make in life.

beer stein The Rocking D

A simple cattleman trying to make his way in RyhDin

beer stein The Runway

All of life is a runway. Walk it like you own it.

beer stein The Shadowstone Family Clan

Adventures of the Shadowstone Family and their friends

beer stein The Shaitan Covenant

Behold, the salvation of the darkness; Bring forth the forsaken and the damned. The cursed and the afflicted: And let them flourish under the Covenant of the Shaitan. Gathered by Drakul Lothcar, the dark denizens of sinful transgressions are bound together in a profane alliance to strengthen their own sinister desires and draw forth their malevolent vices for the amelioration of the Relic.

beer stein The Silver Quill

Tales of the Theosian Scribe's past, present, and more.

beer stein The Slaver's Association

Home of Lord Brutin, Founder and Flesh Merchant

beer stein The Tales of A Pirate Scribe

The Journeys of The Lavender hued pirate from a far off land.

beer stein The Tempest and the Onslaught

The misadventures and everyday life of a half-crazy woman, and her wayward, ex-military friend.

beer stein The Ties That Bind

fam-i-ly : (noun) A group of people tied together by blood or strong affection that face challenges with the understanding that they are stronger together than apart.

beer stein The Turmoil of Temperance

As one bitter and jaded woman struggles to rectify her past and accept her future, she comes to find that sometimes the worst enemy is not without, but within.

beer stein The Underground

A series of underground fight rings located throughout Rhy'din's more dilapidated areas, hosting money (for win) fights, and death matches.

beer stein The Unintended

Busy mending broken pieces.

beer stein The Vagabond Queen

The Poet, Thea, and her Friends

beer stein The Vendetta Offices

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Call on Bellora Vendetta for all your retribution needs. Demi-Goddess and devine Bringer of Dark Justice; has experience as an assassin to the Gods, a Priestess of Balor, and a Mercenary. Open 24 hours!

beer stein The Watch House

To Serve and Protect.

beer stein The Weight of a Blade

The trials of a lone drow, in a crazy world.

beer stein The Whafyle Corporation

With their headquarters, located in the heart of WestEnd..

beer stein The White Snake

Tales of a mutant albino snake woman, who seeks redemption as only a person of chaotic evil alignment can!

beer stein The White Snake

Tales of Kelathe, the White Snake

beer stein The Wolves Den

The Tales of Jade Rosemonte-Wolfe :The Lone Wolf.

beer stein This Time Imperfect

Finding second chances on the other side of the Nexus.

beer stein Those of the Elements

The stories inside the Elemental Guardians and Alliances.

beer stein Those of The Nentyarch

The life and trials of those born in the Nentyarch and the people they are associated with.

beer stein Thoughts of a Fool

The humble abode of Kazuki's mother, the backyard specifically. Consisting of humble lawn furniture, surprisingly green grass, and a little broken down green house.

beer stein Three Houses || Core Empire Reborn

As pieces of the puzzle fall from place, what is left strives to survive. A New Chapter, A New Era, An Old Core Made A New.

beer stein Throne of Saturn

"Doc, say something nice for the new Throne brochure for the public to see." "Jackie, I don't care. 'Dreams for sale.' 'What happens in the Throne, stays in the Throne.' Whatever. It's the flagship for an evil freaking empire that I'm kind of too busy trying to change, to care about a damned brochure."

beer stein Through the Rift

A family secret twenty-six generations old finally bears fruit, but at what cost?

beer stein Til the Sun Dies

Antiquity would worship a cat, would know the allure of Desert Heat. She was a Goldmine. An Enigma, A Sphinx... and these were her stories, her riddles, her secrets...

beer stein TizzahTales

A terrierfying chronicle of courage, adventure, and hot dog squeaktoys.

beer stein To the Ends of the World

The price to pay is high when the wager is a Soul. Redemption is costly.

beer stein Tools of the Trade

Hammer and nails, mortar and pestle, mind and soul.

beer stein TRASH HQ

Headquarters of Rhydins most TRASHy all girl band!

beer stein Traveling Together

Two old friends once again together, traveling down the same road. Through good times and bad. They find that they always have each other.

beer stein Trial by fire: The trails and life of Hera

The life and trails of The fire child: One Hera Fyre.

beer stein Tropicana Sands

Home of the Rhydin Pegasi Racing Association, with all the Glitz and Glam of a day at the races aerial style.

beer stein Unbreakable

"I cannot be broken. I cannot be killed. I cannot fail. This is my identity. This is my core. I am infinite. I am permanent. I am unbreakable." -Vironika Tugaleva

beer stein Unbreakable Steele

Hard times and hard living, but he remains unbroken.

beer stein Unreal Girl Sonata

Note by note the Song is written...

beer stein Vanima Huine

The Tales of Aria Valya. A Shadowed Beauty.

beer stein Venomous Whispers

What would your good do if evil didn't exist, and what would the earth look like if all the shadows disappeared?

beer stein Venture

From ship to shore, duels to duty, dark to light. Jaleeisa and Cherelyen's adventures in life, love, work and play.

beer stein Villains of Circumstance

Where crooked paths cross in the heart of darkness.

beer stein Virescence

All about a simple green haired elf.

beer stein Visions of Twilight

Rhy’Din is a city of change, the people within its walls are subject to this change, and seldom live without knowing its touch. That is the beauty of the city though, the grandeur that makes it so enticing to would be adventurers. People come and go throughout the city, stories are told, tales are woven, they end and begin, and some pass through only to continue elsewhere. Rhy’Din is like the midnight sky, one will rarely be able to pick out the same exact star each night. A city who’s beauty is similar to that of the twilight, for Rhy’Din is just that, a Vision of Twilight, a place of might and magic, where time means little, rules are few, and the gods hold no sway over mortals.

beer stein Voyages of the Nexus Traveler

Deep in the stars, the ship and crew search for adventure, glory, and knowledge...

beer stein Vunajan eh Muja: Forever in Love

Tales of two lovers. One that thought her lover was lost to her always, only to find out that he has returned to her side. Her guardian, her soul mate. Now and forever.

beer stein Wanderer's Path

The chronicles of Paladin: Traveler, Guardsman, Adventurer, Hero.

beer stein Watchtower

The realm of So'Reya, where that which has been lost is often found: peoples, beasts, objects...and destinies.

beer stein We All Fall Down

A young girl and those closest to her make the journey towards self discovery.

beer stein Welcome to the Jungle

Four people brought to one place by chance, must fight together to survive.

beer stein WestEnd Eye

In the warren of hulking warehouses, dead-end alleys and shifting streets that make up the WestEnd, it’s easy to get lost, whether you want to or not. The graffiti changes, the streets twist in new ways, but one thing never varies. The Eye always guides you home.

beer stein What Lies Beneath

"You not only are hunted by others, you unknowingly hunt yourself." Dejan Stojanovic

beer stein What now, Toast?

The misadventures of the separated independents post-family. Their current endeavors and what keeps them occupied, nowadays.

beer stein When Normal Is Strange

The stories and lives of the extraordinarily ordinary, or so it would seem. A home for those that have no home.

beer stein When The Angels Fall

When the things that go bump in the night suddenly become real, who do you go to for salvation?

beer stein Where the Ocean Meets the Sky

The worlds of the starfaring Verchani and the Siren of RhyDin, the paths that brought them together, and the lives they've touched along the way.

beer stein Who Knew?

Obviously, opposites really do attract.

beer stein Wicked Witchcraft

Witchcraft can be wicked, and the wielder, even more so.

beer stein Widdershins

Take a turn to the left...

beer stein Wild Ones

Life can either make you or break you. Live it up!

beer stein Wild Roses

The life of a woman in RhyDin

beer stein Wings and Roots

"Wings to show you what you can become and roots to remind you where you're from."

beer stein Wonderland

A path leading onwards, a journey of discoveries.

beer stein WONDERPLEX

The power of Will, is a wondrous thing.

beer stein Words and Wagers

Tales of a small, mad Englishwoman and an inkstained, bespectacled Englishman (no relation).

beer stein Zen Gardens

The Zen Gardens building is home to the Black Cat Studios and the Bodhi Tree Cafe, as well as many other businesses and residents. Located in the heart of WestEnd's Little Tokyo neighbourhood, it's a place of peace and serenity and magical protections.

beer stein Zombie Outbreak Response Team

While many believe the Rhy'Din zombie outbreaks are confined to only a particular time of the year, this is simply not true. The living dead are always lurking in the shadows, wasting away in the underbelly of the city. It is the job of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team to keep this ongoing plague under control and, more importantly, under wraps.