Anakusi's Tears

In the time of Kalfyi San, there lived a young girl by the name of Anakusi. She had a brother named Tomanonu who studied at the Dojo. To help pay for his education, Anakusi worked in the Dojo cleaning the clothes and armor for the warriors who defended Jenli. She was always very careful in her tasks and brought great honor to her brother — but in everything she did, she was doubly careful when she cleaned the armor of Zinye. Zinye found favor in her sight for he was great in strength and honor, but he was also vain. His eye ever turned to the fair maidens in Jenli, looking over the ever faithful but very plain Anakusi.

Her brother knew of the favor, and tried to keep her from discovering when Zinye took for himself a wife. He encouraged her to spend time in the glen where she often gathered herbs used to fortify the tea of the warriors. She knew of the wedding pact, however, and to his surprise, he did not see her cry. She bowed her head and said a prayer for Zinye's happiness, her own grief buried deep inside. She continued in her endeavors, cleaning and tending to her tasks in the Dojo.

Years passed and Anakusi watched as Zinye continued to grow in strength and honor. His wife gave him children. Anakusi was first to bring flowers to the doorstep of Zinye's home at the birth of each child — to invite peace and health for both mother and babe. Zinye retired from battle, and his armor was given a place of honor in the dojo second only to Oishi himself. Tomanonu grew to be a warrior of note, and for his deeds he was able to see to a good match for his dear sister. She would marry the son of the Duty Tower's keeper. She was honored by the match, but her heart still turned toward Zinye. She was a good sister and made preparations for her wedding.

Before the marriage could be accomlished, the day came when an army was needed to defend the village. Zinye was needed to take many warriors to stand between the dark enemy and the fair people of Jenli. Anakusi brought Zinye his armor from its place of honor, each piece cleaned with her very hair and oils blessed to entreat the favor of the gods. Zinye's fair wife went into a rage that he would go and leave his family. She did not wish for him to fight. He would not hear of turning his back on the village. His wife refused to help him with his armor, so he turned to Anakusi. She bowed her face and humbly assisted him in his preparations for battle.

After this, Anakusi went to her glen to seek peace and beg the gods for favor for Zinye. It was there that the messenger found her. When the news that Tomanonu was killed in battle came, she bowed her head and said a prayer for his spirit. When the news that Zinye was killed in battle came, her tears began. Her heart broke in that moment and she could not contain the depth of her sorrow. Anakusi cried with a silent outpouring of her salty tears.

To appease her great grief, the gods took Zinye's spirit and placed him in the sky where Anakusi could see him as he stood between the light and the darkness. As grateful as she was, Anakusi did not find peace. Her tears did not still and she wept for countless days. The land could not drink the weight of her tears they were so many. A lake soon formed where her precious glen had once been. The gods took pity on Anakusi and set her in the sky, a much smaller star between Zinye and the light he defends. With him always, she now travels the night sky, an ever faithful attendant to her beloved. This constellation is known as Duty and Loyalty.

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