Oishi Reijiro

He is called many things, but most often the songs name him the "Lion of Jenli". Many stories tell of his numerous heroic deeds, and few are more well known than the tale that named him the "Lion of Jenli".

In the beginning when the mountains were young and the rivers water still new, the Fates spied a young man in a field who was deep in concentration performing his exercise. He was unlike any the Fates had before seen, for his hair was white and his legs very long. He wore only robes and used only a simple bamboo rod as his 'sword'. As he practiced, the fates saw in him the spirit of Ilen: the Lion Guardian.

This excited the Fates, for they knew a village nearby suffered at the hand of an evil mage who refused to teach his craft — keeping the villagers in servitude with an unkind spell. It was said that only he who walks as the Lion could defeat the evil mage. Logi, the most outspoken of the Fates, approached the warrior as a frightened young maid in need of a hero.

Oishi knew neither the spirit of Ilen nor thought himself a hero, but the weeping girl who bore marks of abuse stirred his compassion. He took up his bamboo sword and swore to her upon it that he would see the village freed. On his trip to the village he encountered three strangers with a broken wagon. Oishi stopped his journey to help the strangers fix their wagon, and in exchange they gave him gifts. One handed him a pebble and said it would be his foundation; one gave him a flask and said it would satisfy his thirst; the last gave him a leaf and said it would carry him to the ends of the earth. He thought them quaint but took each gift with respect. The fates congratulated themselves as he continued his journey.

Two days later, Oishi entered the oppressed village. He called out the mage to a battle of honor, each using his weapon of choice. The mage, sure of himself and his powers, sensed no magic in the youth and agreed to battle. He chose for himself the elements themselves and ridiculed the youth for his foolish challenge.

The first round of the challenge came. The mage flung a great wind at Oishi. Oishi remembered the pebble and put his hand to the pouch wherein it lay. The wind made his robes flutter but Oishi stood firm. The mage was irate. Oishi passed his option to attack, allowing the mage to continue. This angered the mage further.

The second round of the challenge came. The mage flung fire at Oishi. Oishi remembered the flask and took it out. When he opened the flask, the fire was sucked inside and devoured. The mage was furious. He did not wait to give Oishi the option to attack and instead threw his third attack at Oishi.

Water came from the mage's hands, great waves of it. Oishi remembered the leaf and took it from his pack. He stood on the leaf and it carried him above the water, floating unharmed and safe.

The mage was fierce in his anger and threw a great boulder at Oishi where he floated on his leaf. Oishi knew it was now his time to attack. He jumped with great determination — and in that moment Ilen woke from his slumber, transforming Oishi into the great Lion Guardian himself. He defeated the mage with a single swipe of his massive paw and freed the villagers. With the mage was dead, the villagers implored Oishi to be their guardian and they would honor him. He wished to see the maid who he had made his promise to, so he agreed to stay.

He never saw the girl again but he did have a great number of adventures, so the stories say.

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