Farms of Jenli

There are a number of farms in the area surrounding the village of Jenli.

Farmers move through shin-deep water to tend the growing rice. The Anami family has tended these paddies for generations. Grandmother Anami is often found and bowls of cooked rice for sale on the northernmost corner of the goods exchange. She is a woman with an easy smile and quick stick — do not try to sneak a handful of rice or your knuckles will not be happy for the effort.

Vegetables are grown in a community field; a number of families take turns in ensuring the proper growth of the harvest. Younger children often join older children and mothers in the large garden-type field during the growth and harvest seasons. The harvest surplus comes to occupy several tables in a half circle to entice buyers. The families of Hang, Gensai, Idane, Chau, and Tatsun are the primary caretakers of the community field, although other families occasionally offer assistance and receive goods for their efforts.

Dairy is provided by three families who oversee a large communal herd: the Sasakawa, Kuan, and Miyake. The herds are well tended and produce the milk for the cheese and butter that the village enjoys in plenty. The Miyake also have recently introduced goats into the herd of cattle. This milk is also processed by the families to produce variety in cheese.

Fruits are a luxury that the Kwelk family provide to the village. Pears, peaches and apples are only a few of the fruits that they provide to the goods exchange.

Hunters, usually Rashomon archers, provide the game for the village. No single family provides meat exclusively for the village, nor is any one family excluded from receiving their earned portion from any given hunt.

There are some men and women who do not participate with the Rashomon for the hunt. Instead, they reap a harvest from the mountain lake plentiful with fish and other edible vegetable matter. Infrequent trips are taken to the sea to take bounty from the ocean; salt water fish and seaweed are brought back already smoked and dried. These goods are put in the goods exchange for they are a luxury that not all can afford or enjoy.

The Umeki family, along with others, often travel to RhyDin and other lands to bring back goods that would benefit the village. Textiles, rare foods, and pigments used in artwork often find their way to the goods exchange.

The blacksmith, Nao Reizei, is never at a loss for metal although few know where his honorable family obtains the ebony toned metals he uses in his craft.

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