People of Jenli

Diao Li Xun is a tall, stately woman with graying hair and sharp black eyes. The matriarch of her family, she has seen years of feast and years of famine. Her husband of over six decades was none other than the mighty Ekin Son-Yeh, a man of legendary exploits. She sits on the council in his stead, a calm voice that does not often speak — except when emotions run high and a word of wisdom is needed. She is well known for her bear-claw pastries. The children of the town often gather at the back door of her bakery on weekends for little samples given out by Diao Li along with tasks to be completed. The bakery is always neat and tidy thanks to those children.

Master Namura served with Ekin Son-Yeh for many years before retiring to serve on the Council. Namura is a formidable adversary in any arena, be it on the dojo floor or in the council meetings. A scar runs along his left cheekbone. His light gray eyes are wary and carry a cunning light that earned him the nickname of Silver Fox. His wife is a gentle woman who is often seen in the fields just outside of the city, tending to the gardens that provide many of the fresh vegetables for Jenli. Together, they have provided Jenli with numerous sons, many daughters, and a large mass of grandchildren to honor the family name.

Mukai San, the youngest member of the council spends his free time in the Temple of Kalfyi San. He is a devout follower and extremely talented mage. He oversees the screening of young hopefuls who come to the temple seeking a higher education. His hair is lighter than average, and his eyes are a mismatched duo of green and blue. He was born in one of the outlying villages and was given to the temple at a young age by his parents. His whole life has been devoted to the honing of his talent. There are whispers that he could be the One to fulfill this generation's infusing of the Circle of the Nine.

Daichi Eban Tsai is the sixth owner of the Ivory Lotus Pavilion. Like his father before him, Daichi is a small spindly man that has a nose for tea. His dark eyes rarely miss any detail, and the art of serving tea is his passion. It is his great honor to see the various guests enjoying the best tea that Jenli has to offer.

Shin-Li's hair is matted and dirty from years of neglect. He is missing several teeth, and the ones left are not in great condition. His ragged clothes are dirty and tied with rope in places to stop them from falling apart. Obviously, Shin-Li is not the example of proper hygiene. He carries a staff made of a large branch, almost polished from years of use, from which several cords have been tied to the top. Feathers and stones hang from the cords. There is also a small twig cage dangling from the staff; this is the home of his invisible pet cricket. You will see him at times deep in conversation with his cricket. When he's not talking to the cricket, he is walking around town looking for it. He will find it in the most unusual places…

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