Ivory Lotus Pavilion Tea House

Named for the exquisite carving that sits in the place of honor in front of the tea house, the Ivory Lotus Pavilion is the main gathering place for the village of Jenli. The tea house is situated on the prominent corner where a well-tended cobblestone path leaves the village center and snakes off toward the Temple of Harmony.

Past the ivory lotus upon its pedestal, a visitor climbs a few steps to a porch and the double doors into the octagonal building. Both floors of the building are crafted from fine dark woods, ancient stone, and quality metal. It is itself a work of art. Beyond the doors, a guest walks down a hall that leads to the main meeting room. Archways also lead to the immediate left and right. Going to the left, one would find the kitchen; to the right, one would find a well-stocked supply room. Both archways have beaded curtains to encourage the guest to continue forward into the tea house.

The flooring of the main meeting room is polished stone, cared for with the same perfection seen in other aspects of daily life. The first floor area is rather large and airy, and without a roof over the center part of the tea house. The center of the area is dominated by a staircase that leads upward to formal and/or private dining areas. About half a level up, the staircase has a landing where the stairs then continue upward in three different directions. Where the main floor is excellent for simple mingling, the second floor is dedicated to the art of serving tea and enjoying a remarkable meal in the company of friends.

Daichi Eban Tsai, the tea house's owner and wife see to the tea that is the drink of choice for most of the town. Special blends are offered when seasoned leaves are brought from afar. Freshly-made dainty treats are often served with the tea. The owner's wife often says that a true tea is lonely without a little something crunchy and sweet to accompany it.

If a visitor is seeking shelter from the night, the tea house owner, his wife, or any of the staff, are quick to offer alternatives. The tea house itself does not take guests, but they are willing to impart which places in Jenli have beds for rent — and can even offer which of those come with a meal and a drawn bath.

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