Once the traveler passes within the Barrier of the Circle of Nine, the landscape seems to take on a more tranquil tone. The hills roll and smaller villages dot the countryside. Each is its own small community containing a heart and soul that seems to be at one with the land — peace. Eventually the smaller paths find their way to the larger road that wanders toward the town of Jenli. After a three-day overland journey, the traveler will find herself staring up at the marker archway bearing written blessings and warnings its the wood spanning the road.

The town of Jenli can only be entered via the large south-facing double-doored gate. The walls of the city are the backs of the tightly packed buildings rather than any official or formal structure that encloses the city. Each building has its own look and character, each serving its own purpose and often owned by a single family going back generations. Once through the massive gates, the visitor faces the heart of the city: the central square that is not in the shape of a square at all.

In fact, the 'square' is a circle dominated by a large, elevated stone fight stage that often is occupied by this warrior or that, defending honor or demonstrating the strength of a new fighting technique. Students and commoners gather to watch the fights, often wagering upon the outcome. Honor is earned or lost in the bouts, and occasionally life itself is forfeit.

There are a few vendor stalls set up around the square. The main teahouse, the Ivory Lotus Pavilion, can be found in the northwest corner where the road snakes away from the square toward the Temple of Kalfyi San. For those needing a room, there are places in Jenli that offer room and board. But for those seeking tea or a meal, the most famous is the Ivory Lotus Pavilion.

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