Singing Lake

In the years of light following the great starfall, the spirit of Utomisha is said to have found great peace here. Drawn by the beauty of the waterfalls, the daughter of the Wind would spend hours at the water's edge speaking with Tatune, a water spirit who dwelled in the lake. They became fast friends and would often sing together tales of heros and gods.

One day, Utomisha's father found her there and told her that she had a duty and should tend to herself — for she would be married to the son of the moon. Tatune did not wish for her to marry; for in the most-secret place in his heart he had grown to love her and wished for her to remain with him. He spoke to her father, but the Great Wind would not hear Tatune's plea.

When Utomisha came to bid her friend farewell, Tatune asked her to come sit with him on the flat rock by the fall so they could sing and tell their tales one last time. She agreed and went to sit with him, the flat rock just barely large enough for the two of them. While they sang, Tatune made the rock grow smaller, and therefore he had to put his arm around her to steady her. When she looked up at him still singing a song of Oishi, Tatune spoke his magics and joined them both together.

When the Great Wind came back, he could hear his daughter's voice but did not see her. He saw only a large rock just under the falls. He wept for he knew the magic that Tatune had done in his love. In his fury, winds came and tried to separate them. The waters of the fall stopped briefly but the magics held firm. The Great Wind could only leave in deep sorrow.

The Great Wind visits often, and when it is very strong the falls almost stop even to this very day.

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