Legend Of The Slumbering Dragon

The village of Onsika was once plagued by bandits and thieves helping themselves to the bounty of the river people. They cried out many times to the gods and fates for a champion to help them, but for so long none came.

Then one day a visitor did come. He was slight of stature and dressed in the remnant of leather armor that had seen better days. He carried a staff that was cracked and bruised, and he had cuts upon his face and hands. He sought a healer to help him, claiming to be a great dragon who had slumbered high in the mountains before being awoken by their cries. He said he received his injuries while fighting off the bandits to save the town.

Fearing he was himself a bandit in disguise, the people refused to help him. They drove him out with sword and stave, telling him to never come back. The visitor swore an oath that for their refusal, the town would be erased from the face of the land. He pleaded again for assistance but they would not listen.

Before the sun began its downward journey, angry clouds gathered in the sky. No rain could be heard or felt or seen, but the river grew and grew. Raging water left the banks and washed over the village, carrying the people away. Even the houses and animals were destroyed.

Only a single child escaped, a young girl put on a raft by her mother. The child drifted for days until the river deposited her raft on a strange shore. The girl looked up and saw the stranger looking at her. As she looked upon him, afraid she was going to die.

"Seek always to help those who ask," he commanded her. "Do not look unkindly on strangers, for you do not know who they are when your eyes are not looking." He took her from the water and set her on the shore. "You will be called Rajana and you will share healing with many great warriors." Then he touched her hair and the color fled where he touched.

He turned his back and walked away while she watched him. With each step he changed, transforming into a great black dragon. She watched until she could no longer see him, and then she fled to the nearest village.

They took her in and when asked her name, she said "Rajana." As the years passed, the child found she possessed a great healing touch. She lived for years telling the story of the dragon. When asked where he went, she always pointed up to the cliffs of the peaks and answered, "He slumbers, but this is his river. Do not wake the slumbering Dragon."

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