From Evandar to RhyDin


Lyrics, Music & Poetry
ASSUMPTIONS aka Vapor Play
The Empath, The Jewels, and The Wardrobe
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Is A Picture Really Worth A Thousand Words?
~Heart Notes Parfumerie~ (Images, Layout & OOC Info)
Praying the Devil Back to Hell
In Memoriam (OOC)
WINDS OF CHANGE: The Flame Flickers
~Heart Notes Parfumerie~ Store Front
"X" Marks The Spot!
From The Desk Of...
Au Revoir isn't Good-bye
LIFE & LOVE: The Soul Of The Flame
Ce n'?tait qu'un r?ve ou un cauchmar.
~Heart Notes Parfumerie~ Work Room
Strengths, Weaknesses & Desires
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Vernal Equinox
Birthday Blues
Merry Christmas
HAUNTED & HUNTED: The Fight of the Flame
Sunlight and Shadows
Here We Come A-Wassailing
Wedding Preparations
Not your typical vacation
The something extra
The Heart's Highest Wish
Two Souls, One Heart.
The Return of the Rains
DUTY CALLS: The Flame's Renewal
Finding the perfect blend
A Special Thank You Delivery --Eless
The Next Chapter
A Chapter Closes
A Gala Request
Leap of Faith
The Darkness of Dawn
Letters from Mira
~Paroles du Coeur~
*The Merry, Mischief Making Misfits Clan*
Winter's Blight
A Miniature Retreat
The Spice Roads
A letter to Lady Elessaria
A light luncheon
SHROUDED BY SHADOWS: The Struggle of The Flame
Taking the tour
Celebrating an Unknown Saint
The Siren's Song of Shadows
Crucible of the Prodigal Daughter
A Misfit Set Loose (OOC photo Journal)
Studies and Tests
Her Dark Destiny
Of Toil and Clay
A New Misfit!
Overture to Madness (OOC Info and links)
The Merging of Past & Present
Thomas Tippet Comes to Town
An Overture to Madness
Finding the Time.
An Urge Toward Happiness
The Scrying Vessel: Tradition and Magic merge
Let the Games Begin: Kite Wars
MMMM Kite Wars for the Denizens of Rhydin
Captivity Amidst the Veils: Eless' Huis Clos
BOUND BY LEATHER: Embossed with Flame
Blood & Fire
bearing gifts...
Feel of Heaven, Texture of Hell
Gifts of the Season
A Gift for a Ghost?
Torn Asunder
FLIGHT I: Departure
Whispering Memories