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The Bloods: An Introduction
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The Seeker
Prelude to War: Revelations
Bohemian Magic
DCH ? Raising the Dead
Dinosauria Disaster
Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying
One Broken Wing
Musings on a Much Needed Road Trip
A Deal is a Deal? Until It?s Done
A letter to Lady Belial
Bearing Messages
Thief's Jacket
Wicked Suspicions
DCH - Shifting Landscapes
COPE/DCH - The Price of Power
DCH - Exploding Truth
Look What the Cat Dragged In!
Mab - In the Calm before the Storm
DCH - Psychodynamic
DCH - Power Shift ? Playing the Snake
Mab - Conversations with a Cat
DCH - A Blast from the Past
Delivery to DCH
DCH - Resurrecting Renna
The Hydrus Hit
DCH - The Howe, The Candidates and The Knives
Behind the Curtain
Relevant Past of a Reluctant Necromancer
Mab/Meave - The Seasons of the Winter Sun
DCH - Renna
DCH/Mab - The Clock is Ticking
Mab - The Acquisition
One Small Trickle
The Why's and Wherefore's
Mab - The Sun Rises
The Not So Triumphant Return. (Joint post Rhyslin/Markus)
What the Boss doesn't know...
Prelude to "What the Boss Doesn't know..."
Special Delivery for Kitty O Helston
Sunglasses at Night
An Invitation
An Unexpected Delivery
Crystal Tears
The Squeeze
Lost in Las Vegas
Flower Delivery to Blood House Onyx
An Expected Departure
DCH - Penance
DCH: Seeking Freedom
DCH - Trash
DCH - Death of Lilah Morgan
DCH - Resurrection
Cry Little Sister
DCH - Mr. Silence and the New DCH Security Team
The Dance of Vengeance and Wrath
DCH - Conspiracies Part 2
Where in the hell are we going again?
DCH - Getting Back to Business
DCH - Morgan Enterprises
Dangerous Waters
DCH - Conspiracies
Demands and Requests
DCH ? Lisa's Rhy'Din Adventures
Imprisoning Mab
DCH - A Long Walk Off a Short Pier
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DCH - Introducing Lisa Jefferies
DCH ? Let the Games Commence
Adapting to the Situation
History of Belial - "From Demon to Angel"
The Time Has Come
Barrister Calling
A Meeting of Hearts and Minds
The Oath of Blood
Barrister Burning
Coming to the Call
Timing... Is Everything
Making a friend of an enemy
Letter to the Blood House Onyx
The Devil Made Me Do It!
DCH - Aftermath
Somethings are worth the price...
A face from the past...
Endless Wanderings....
DCH: Court Appointed?!
The Arrival - DCH
Questioning the Lawyers
Glimpses in the Dark
The DCH Fish Cam
Midnight Haunting
The Reluctant Visitor
When Worlds Collide: Suit
The Revised Retelling of the Kidnapping of Tass
The Remnants of Death.
Death's Message
Shoes, Mister Howe?
How to make a Legal Eagle into another common Vulture.
Perfect Ending to a Dreadful Day
Kidnapping of Tass
Tending to Kitty - Continuation
The Visitors for Kitty
Not so Brotherly Love
Deal with Devils
Blood Alert!!!
Back on the Payroll...
Disgusted and Doublecrossed
The Plot Thickens
Curiosity about the Kat
A New Baby
Knock Knock
Dangerous Deal
Seer's Present
The Left Hand of God
Clandestine Considerations
Angels and Demons
Balanced on the Edge
Getting Down to Business
The List of Names
The Seer's Tower
End Game?
The coming winter...
A Chilly Reception
Taking Matters in Her Own Hands
This, the now...
Meeting with Dewey
Mr Howe's Visitor.
Returning to DCH
With Blood and Fire
Underworld Roast
For Mister Dewey
This, the before...
One Foggy Night
Luse's Journal - New Book
Alive and Kicking
Facing Her Demons
A Warning Letter to Lankyn
Deception and Misdirection - All For Family
Kage and Illyona
Small Drops in an Ocean of Woes
What She Stole
Hate & The White Dragon
The Past and New Beginnings
Ties of Blood
Failure is NOT an Option
Lucien Mal is MIA
Stringbean Strider
Shaking Out the Dust
Defending The Lands of Birth and Blood.
Shadows and Dust
The Only Living Boy In New York
Letter for Luc
The Seraph, the Serpent, and the Seer
Toil and Trouble
Jodiah Ayreg
An Insane Adventure
Shattered Melody
Why Santa Claus Should Stick To A Low-Carb Diet
The Parlor of the Spider
Corrupted Haven
DCH Board Room
Sanctuary, Sanctuary...
A Warm Welcome