Disposable Heroes


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A Peek at the Future
A Very Winchester Christmas
A Bond Beyond Words
Keeping It Low-key
Norse To Meet You
The Trickster Tricked
Winter Wedding Presents
Moments of Worry
Making Plans
Time's The Charm
Safe, At Last
Judgment Day
The Deep Breath
A Death Worse Than Fate
New Baby, Old Feeling
Sam I Am
A Normal Day
A Normal Night
A Little Strife
A Mortal Union (AU)
Bobby's Journal
Greek Sunrise
The Wisdom of Elders
A Minor Complication
Snowed In
The Broken Spindle
Sweet Sorrow
Laid Low in Love
The Painful Truth
First Blood
The Devil's Deal
Greek Sunset (AU)
Respite (AU)
Sanctuary (AU)
Wise Counsel (AU)
Sealed With a Kiss (AU)
Turn of Fates (AU)
Amazon Kisses (AU)
Dateless Bargain (AU)
Call to Arms (AU)
The Devil You Know (AU)
Ephemeris of Mine (AU)
Swan Song (AU Backstory)
An Eye for an Eye (AU Backstory)
Mothering Sam-day (AU)
A Frank Discussion (AU)
The Sound of Silence (AU)
Makin' An End (AU Backstory)
No Quarter (AU Backstory)
The Sorrow of Joy (AU)
Shades To Come (AU)
'Til Death Us Depart (AU)
Forewarned Is Forearmed (AU)
Solitude Lost (AU)
A Moment To Breathe (AU)
The Lost Diary of John Winchester (AU)
Back To Basics (AU Backstory)
Devil On Her Shoulder (AU Backstory)
Beaten But Not Broken (AU Backstory)
Enemy of My Enemy (AU Backstory)
Gone Missing (AU Backstory)
Abide With Me (AU Backstory)
Angelic Intervention (AU Backstory)
Parting The Ways (AU Backstory)
No Time For Goodbye (AU Backstory)
A Folgers Moment (AU Backstory)
Point of No Return (AU Backstory)
The Bond of Blood (AU Backstory)
What Could Be (AU)
Easy Lover - 18+ (AU)
Heart to Heart (AU)
A Hunter's Journal (AU)
The Hits Keep Coming (AU)
French Onion Soup (AU)
Anemoi (AU)
What Will Not Be (AU)
Don't Fear The Reaper (AU/Possible Future)
Save Tonight (AU/Possible Future)
Just When I Needed You Most (AU/Possible Future)
At The End Of The Day (AU/Possible Future)
Ruby Tuesday (AU Possible Future)
Darkness Before Me, Shadows Behind (AU Possible Future)
How Fragile Is A Moment (AU)
Lifting The Veil (AU)
You Can Never Go Home (AU)
Sunlight On Sadness (AU)
See You On The Other Side (AU)
Downtime (AU)
Within Temptation (AU)
A Good Hunt (AU)
The Plan That Wasn't (AU)
In Broad Daylight (AU)
From the Frying Pan into the Fire (Canon Dean)
Back In Black (AU)
The Calm (AU)
Exes And Other Interruptions (AU)
Tabula Rasa (AU)
The Still Of The Night (AU)
Walk The Line (AU)
Revenge of the Crossroads King
Moments (AU)
Good Times, Bad Times (AU)
No Sense, All Feeling (AU)
Strangers In The Night (AU)
Ghosts (AU)
Unfinished Business (AU)
On Borrowed Time
Cash is King
In the Beginning
Plans for the Future
Hello Goodbye
Full Circle
Double Vision
The Diary of Dean Winchester
Of Angels and Demons
Crash Into Me
Asking for Hoodoo Help
Edge of Seventeen
The Case of the Bon Bon Ghost
Stick it to the man!
Touched by an Angel
Who's Your Daddy?
The Incident in Flagstaff
Random Conversations
Fight the Good Fight
Sex, Lies, and Videotape
Young Love, First Love
Home Sweet Home
In Every Life, a Little Rain Must Fall
Lady Luck
Blast from the Past
Just Another Hunt
Lost and Found
The Missing
The Search
A Candle in the Night
Promises, Promises
Growing Up All Over Again
Running With the Devil
There's No Place Like Home
A Final Farewell
The Inside Out
Gracing Graceland
Intervention (Mature)
Bad Moon Rising
Long, Long Way From Home
Can't Find My Way Home