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2019 RhyDin Gubernatorial Election
Election 2019
Tricksy for Governor!
2018 RhyDin Gubernatorial Election
Election 2018
((Gubernatorial Election 2018 OOC))
2018 Gubernatorial Debate
Book Burning in Old Temple (8/29/2018)
2017 Election
2017 Gubernatorial Election Cage Match
Colleen MacLeod-Fenner Acceptance Speech
Jesse's Campaign Announcement
Concession and Announcement from the Adder Campaign
((Gubernatorial Election 2017 OOC))
2017 Gubernatorial Cage Match Pre-Game Party
2017 Gubernatorial Debate!
Q & A with Colleen
Adder Campaign Platform and Questions!
2017 RhyDin Gubernatorial Election
Seeking Talent for the Adder Campaign
((Gubernatorial Election 2016 OOC))
Campaign Exit and Congratulations
2016 Election
2016 Gubernatorial Election Cage Match
Questions for Candidate Katt Batten
Humanity First Q&A
2016 Gubernatorial Debate
Election 2016 Post-Primaries Speech: Humanity First
Ammy Spiritor - Tri-Pro Campaign Q&A (Open to All)
Primaries 2016
Meet and Greet: Mairead Harker
"I Was Heard!" 2016 Campaign - Ammy Spiritor
2016 Governors Election: Humanity First rally footage.
2016 RhyDin Gubernatorial Election
Candidate sets Festivity and a Foundation into Motion
DCNN & Den Howler - Rhy'Din Elections 2016
Rhy'Din News Channel 5 - The Hunt for a new Governor!
((Gubernatorial Election 2015 OOC))
2015 Election
2015 Gubernatorial Election Cage Match
Candidate Sean Walley Video Feeds
Vote Ilnaren!
2015 Candidate Posters for Sean Walley
Late Night Paid Endorsement
Vote Thorn Swag
Candidate Meet & Greet
Candidate Swag
Best Candidate Poster ever.
Candidate Interviews
An Inquiring Mind
Candidate Poster
2015 RhyDin Gubernatorial Election
2014 Election
[RGE - 2014] I Did It My Way
Final Thoughts - RGE 2014
Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is... (R.G.E. 2014, Finals)
2014 Gubernatorial Election Cage Match (setting)
((OOC: Survey Results 2014))
2014 R.G.E - Q & A with G'nort, if need be.
Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is... (R.G.E. 2014)
R.G.E.2014- Andu's Concession Speach & Posters
You have Questions? Skid'll answer! Or kick you.
Primaries 2014
Video Footage Leaked from RGE Candidate Meet and Greet
meet and greet ((ooc))
A Message from Ebon - RGE 2014
Orphan & Homeless BBQ ( 2014 R.G.E )
Questions for Chazore.
2014 R.G.E. Andu Kirost (lazy) Q&A.
2014 R.G.E. Andu Q&A
2014 R.G.E - Q & A with Katt
Questions for Ebon - RGE 2014
Questions and Answers
2014 RhyDin Gubernatorial Election
www . Jesse . Gov ( Q&A Thread )
Jesse for Gov: Speeches or..
Race for Governor 2014
Election 2014, Thorn
Skid Election Doodahs (2014 RGE)
Election 2013 Results: An Editorial by Brian Ravenlock
2013 Election
Debate 2013 : Brian Ravenlock's Editorial
2013 RhyDin Gubernatorial Debate Log
Election Debates Tonight
Khoom Helston Campaign Address
Election 2013: Katt's Withdrawal
Primaries 2013
Election 2013: Brian Ravenlock's Endorsement
Simon Campaign's Response to Candidate Withdrawals
Election 2013: Jesse's Withdrawal
Jesse's 2013 Candidacy Announcement Speech
Election 2013: Brian Ravenlocks' Withdrawal
Matthew Algiers Simon?s 2013 Candidacy Announcement Speech
2013 RhyDin Gubernatorial Election
Unknown Report
Getting Your Name Out There
Fionna Helston al-Amat's Acceptance Speech
2012 Election
New Campaign Posters
Re-Election Campaign Headquarters: Fionna Helston al-Amat
Gubernatorial Debate 2012 Transcript
Campaign Tees for Audrey
2012 RhyDin Gubernatorial Election
Primaries 2012
Audrey Horne; a Candidate for All RhyDinians
Audrey Horne; a Candidate for All RhyDinians
Thank You!
Fionna Helston al Amat's Acceptance Speech
2011 Election
Home For Everyone Workshop: Dyarhk's Election Day Discourse
Fionna Helston al-Amat's Election Day Statement
Matthew Simon's Election Day Speech
Press Conference - May 19
Simon Campaign's Response to the Attack of May 17th
Transcript of 2011 Rhy'Din Gubernatorial Debate
2011 RhyDin Gubernatorial Debate Announced!
2011 Primaries
The Kate Campaign
Matthew Algiers Simon?s 2011 Candidacy Announcement Speech
2011 RhyDin Gubernatorial Election
Omelette Batter and Ribbons.
2010 Election!
2010 Rhydin Gubernatorial Debate Log
2010 Primaries
The Remember Your Roots Campaign
Governor Simon's Initial 2010 Candidacy Speech
Remember Your Roots: Governor Simon's Response
2010 RhyDin Gubernatorial Election!
Thoughts and an offer.
Aaron Marshall's Speech
An Open Letter To The Gov't
2009 Election
A Letter
No Confidence
Speech from Governor Simon
2009 Primaries!
Meet the Candidates!
RhyDin Gubernatorial Election!
Election Candidates
A time to vote...
Election day takes violent turn
A Vote of Confidence
Words From Behind Bars
Point of No return!
You Say You Want a Revolution
An Election-Eve Speech
Fashion, Politics, and Sex Scandals (again)
No Confidence!!!
Wolvinator 2008: Unbreakable
Meeting the Press and Public (Questions welcome)
Statement from the Simon Campaign
Talanador Party Statement.
Wolvinator Town Hall Discussion
Dragged Through the Mud and Still Standing
Adamant agreements, revealed.
Press Conference
Thank you, or Indecisive Behavior?
Dishonorable Smear Tactics
Wolvinator, the Destroyer.
And Now For Your Obligatory Sex Scandal
A rebuttal
The M.N.R. to back Wolvinator
Post Primary Address
A letter from the M.N.R. to the Canidates
Wolvinator: UnWanted
SUPR response to the Primaries
Primary Voting!
Running for Governor? Not on my watch!
Official Statement from the M.N.R.
Another public speech
SUPR: Why Tariffs?
Free Rum!!!!!!
Throw Off The Shackles!!
Primary Elections Speech
Photo Op
Campaign Speech
A letter sent to all canidates from the Ravager
Announcement: Rakeesh Sah Tarna for Governor
The Plan
Public Debate Query
Christmas Campaigning
Hot Chicks Doing Cartwheels
Election Primaries
Morality and Honesty
Political reporter on the scene!
Don't want an old governor! (Posters)
Matthew Algiers Simon Announces Candidacy!
Don't be a bore, vote for Cor~!
Jade-Zilla for Gov'nuh!
It's Stitch.. Or them!
Important Notice
Khaine Levaque for Governor
Goats and Lies! (Posters)
The Talanadorian Party Candidate, once more.
Gubernatorial Bid
Election 2007
Heartfelt Congratulations.
Acceptance Speech
Concession Speech
Make sure to Vote!
Vote for Imp!
Be a Sport, Vote for Gnort!
Some Serious Issues!
Another Candidate answers the call
All For Tha P'Imp!
Running Here And There
Open letter to candidates (minus the Easter Bunny):
EXTRA!! Talomar Tells All! Lays out Platform!
A statement to the Candidates
Still another poster
Yet More Posters
Imp for Governor!!
Press Conference with Candidate G'nort Dragoon-Talanador
The Headmaster Watches On
A New Governor Candidate!
The Tape of G and Kitty
The Candidate Who Brings A Basket
The Candidate Who Knows Rhydin and Its Citizens
More about Voting for the Right Candidate.
Posters Corrected for Historical Accuracy
Vote for Baron Dragoon-Talanador for Governor!