Trials of a Young Dragon


Gifts given to Icer and kin
Favorite songs, quotes, blunders
Information on the Shimmerscale lair and territories
Character info
Thank you's, shout outs, and the likes
Icer's abilities
Icer's journal
Guard duty
Enjoying a peaceful day
Returning to the lair
Where have all the dragons gone?
A surprise for Aurthur
Gifts to the Shimmerscales, kin, and friends
A Shimmerscale Valentine surprise
Checking on Matthew
Life with the Shimmerscales
A peaceful day at the lair
Shimmerscales Yule
A letter to brother
Solaria, and Drakmere's journal
A visit
Family time
Winter time at the lair
Harvest time
Enjoying an Autumn day
REA - Letter from Ammy Spiritor
Sequestered from the Summer heat
A Light in the Dark
A nursemaid's diary
Lair bound
Piecing together a learning aide
Expecting the unexpected
Signs of Spring
Valentine's day
Watching the snow
Readying for the holidays
Picking Up The Pieces
Autumn signs
Planning a surprise
A long day's rest
Returning to the gardens
Proud New Parents
The time grows near
Seeking Aurthur
Making it up
Tending the lair
Overlooking the gardens
The lingering pain
The fading dragons
Another Little Princess?
The birth of Ginger
Resting for the night
A morning surprise! (Open scene, everyone can join!)
Gift Deliveries From the Awesomeness!
Checking on the sisters
Making amends
Safety at last
Hatching Day Surprise
Readying for another Winter
Adjusting to a new life
Readying for the harvest
Dunkin' Dragons, Time with friends.
Tending the night bloom
A Summer day
A visit
Aurthur's Secret Project Unveiled
A Happy Father's Day
Icer's garden
A normal day at the lair
Keeping busy
A relaxing Mother's day
Readying for Spring
The Road to Recovery
Until nightfall, guarding the lair
The Lair Of Darkness
Feeding the family
Seeking a cure for night terrors
The trouble with wishes
Safe at home
Contract Negotiations
A wound with no sign (open sl)
Rest is always the best remedy
Preparing for the cold times
Readying for the holidays
Time with family
In the nest
Mama's Hatching Day Surprise
A family gathering
A very angry Grandpa
A dragon's work is rarely done
Thank You Note
Preparing for a family feast
Waiting out the rain
More and More Wedding Planning
Readying the garden
Mother's day at the lair
A welcoming surprise
Dragons fire, Dragons metal, Helping out the Clan (open)
A visit home
Another chance
Home at Last? ((open RP))
Everything changes
All roads lead home
Pre Wedding Woes
Spirited visitation
Unexpected and dazed arrival.
Working out a surprise for momma
Telling Dad and Mom the news
Breath, Noah
Unexpected Surprise
A Trip To The Beach
Readying for the storm
Better than a Smelly Inn Room!
Pictures on the magic box
Guarding the lair
A mother's worries and frustrations.
Noah's journey
A mothers rest
A self imposed exhile
In memory of a friend
Aurthur's Rage
A gift for Ariana...
Midnight's Hourglass
The Decision of a Lifetime.
Visiting Icewing
Decking The Halls
Checking in on a loved one
The cold that just didn't want to go away
A day for resting
A journey into the ruins
She's at it again.
Hatching day gifts
Bed rest
The lake and areas around the lair
The little things
While mother is Ill....
Just any other day
The reclusive dragon
It is never too late to heal
A spirited garden
Earning one's keep
Keeping busy
Springtime at the lair
Peaceful slumber
A request for shelter
Uninvited Guest
Awaiting a delivery from a Minx
A gravesite visit
Studying for a showdown
Guarding the Family
The little things.
A Special Christmas Gift
A surprise for momma
Readying for Winterfest.
The search for a Grand daughter
Ressurection:: The Beginning
The dragon and the stone
Searching for spirits
A walk to the market
Only the lonely
A Safe Haven
Things to do, places to go
The depression
Returning home
What may come
Exploring the cavern
Playtime at the ranch
Helping out Aunty
The Plan, The Attempt, And the Consequences...
Luna's first visit to the gardens
Motherly love
One step at a time
Helping out
Starting the Shimmerscale ranch
Visitors to the gardens
A new sign
Inbound letters to the lair
Icer's closet
Gifts for momma
Coming home
Dreams of Exploring
A dream of Romance.
A new project
An answer to a mother's prayer.
Waiting out a winter's chill.
Helping the family
Watching from Afar
A boon{favor} to ask
Moonlight's journal
Scarred - Sentry Duty ...
Aid from the concolor's
A glimmer in the gloom
Scarred: An offer of help
Scarred: Restless Nights
Scarred - Rediscovery
Guarding the newest clutch
A nervous half dragon wanders in
Shopping for an experiment
Enjoying a peaceful respite
The White One
Gifts for his mate
A stone for sister
A Journey's End
Frustrations and Birthdays.
On the Hunt
Grandmother's vigil
A time to relax
An easier way to feed the family.
Reflections of a Passionate Soul (xtra post))
An invisible dragon?!
The sleeping must......... Sleep....
The Fading Dragon
A hatchling's bonding moment
Starting to study
Daddy's girl
If only
Past Hauntings... And plans to be made?
Another failed experiment
Revisiting the past
Studying is hard, when one's mind is elsewhere
The library completed
Help For Nyx?
Starie's return
The Hobo and the Dragons. A misadventure.
What is in the lake?
A Troubled Awesomeness.
OOC Aurthur and Icer Shorts #1: Test of Faith
Chewed Up Furniture and a Sick Dragon.
A journey back to the light
A Gift For Father.
Mommy's Little hero
A Brother's Mission.
OOC: Story Time
Gifts for the little ones
Preparing for winter
Strings for a Hatchling?
Renewing their vows
First snow
To care for kin.
Burial of a Father
Back home and resting
A hanging note
Plotting and planning, to build on a library
Hoping for a peaceful day?
A visit to his grave.
Mirror me, Or another me?
A visit to the family graveyard{A long time in coming}
A pup's first couple nights at the lair
A Hatching Day Gift
To save a son
In need of help...
The Darkest Shadow
Rest, relaxation and Recovery
A new little one.
Escape of the wandering one
Innocence of a hatchling
Another Victim of Prop 37
Another grave
Victims of the Prop 37
Anguish, Anger and Sorrow.
Aurthur's Anger and open protest of Prop 37
Putting Out The Call.
Darcy Shimmerscale Gone Missing!
A Daughter's Rage.
Into The Darkness
The road to recovery is always long
Memorial for a barely known hatchling
The Lost Dragon
The Shadow Dome
Night guardian
A gift for Star
Old Hero, New Town- The Tales of Chiros
The wanderer
Family meeting
What once was lost, now is found
The broken flute and last song.
A young man and his flute
A mother's search, a mother's love
Time to think.
A message.. And a dark gift
A Letter.
Helping Darcy
Oh no! A lost hatchling!
A gift to the Orphannage
A second chance.. Or a final call..
Darcy The Dragon!?
The end...the beginning.
Checking on Matthew
The lost one
The mouse that caught the cat.
The Return
Better safe than sorry
Adding on
Hatching time!
The call to battle
The young Drake
The Fatherless Clutch
Nesting again
Solaria's Journal
Another new addition
Wounded and alone
He's back RUN!
The nightmare
Daddy's little girl
Tempest's awakening
A new lair, and a new beginning
Vet visit
The love of a father
The lost one
Telisant lost and frightened
A winter's respite
New life, new purpose
True Loves Result
A Letter
Casting off the memories of old
Trapped Within The Shadows
The Visitor
A young drake
Silent Sentry
Happy hatching day
Timeless Sigil
The Ach of Odela Silverwing
The Mother
Returning Home
Without a trace {a letter home}
Dreams in the night
A helping claw
Shadows in the Dark
A moment in time
The Changes Of Time
The lair
Tempest's treasures
Hatchlings. Hatchlings. Hatchlings!
Auralia's treasures
The Challenge
Silent Night, Silent Flight
Missing Snow... Another Attack from an old Friend...
Oddities of Snow... the coming little one...errr... ONES!
Naria-- Sento on lock down.
A day to explore
A new hatchling
A mother's return
Aurthur's Sadness
Madness Setting in.
Monster in the form of a black.... HATCHLING?!?!
The Story of Aurthur
The glow trapped in the darkness.
Meeting a father
Deep Dark Sea of Dispair
Michael's Return
Back home, safe and sound
The Jester's contributions!
Stranded and Injured
The New Patriarch?
Merry Christmas, Gem!
A Small Gift
Presents to the family, from Sento
Aurthur Under House Arrest?!!
The awakening and after..
Michael's Room
Snow Silverwing and the little Odela
The Price of Oblivion
She Comes With Gifts
A Visit to the Orphanage
A new home.
Aftermath of Guard Duty
Another new arrival
Three days of rest
a new resident... an Orc!?.. there goes the Cave..
Starie finds trouble.. Just like his sister, no?
The Mateship Flight
Sugar and hatchlings
Snow... No more no less.
Hunting Kronos
Dark Spot On A Pure Heart
Newest Arrival
Quick Scrawl
Mysterious Illness
A Young Heart's Love
A Hearts New Hope
To teach a Sylph
Return to Ring Valley
A younging to take care of
Special Delivery
A magical accident leads to a transformation
A new experence
The newest addition
Life gets chaotic.
The gift
Life begins anew
When one is sick..
Counted amongst the missing
Fuzzy Fuzzy
The Walshs come to visist...finally
Shadow pokes her head in.
Lessons for Icer
In search of a cousin
A proud, yet sleepy mother
The Shadow and Fireheart
Disappearing Pretzels
To make a landing pad!
Dark's long-expected visit
Valentine's Day confusion
Peace once more
what a morning......
The search is on
First snowfall
An Invitation
Returning Home :: The arrival of the Star Born::
First flight
A visit to Alexandria
Happy Birthday Icer!
Return to the Lair
The hunt
Life at the lair
The raid
The peace, shattered
Peace at last
A minor irritation
In the Begining
An unexpected surprise
The Misadventures of Icewing
A return for knowledge
Things to do
Ring Valley